Light On Marfa: A Photo Journal


They say this about Marfa, Texas:

 Hard to get to but worth and trip.


And worth the trip it is.


IMG_5217Texas is BIG!

GIANT! as befits the western of the same name filmed in the fifties by George Stevens west of town on Rte. 90 about 17 miles.

IMG_5345 IMG_5348 IMG_5346

I can never sleep the night before a trip. At my 3 AM wake up call, I had already been awake for hours. One 1 ½ hour car ride, two plane trips and a three hour drive later, I would arrive at this small, dusty town, the county seat of Presidio County, Marfa,Texas.

Marfa is a mile high. I noticed my shallow breathing shortly after picking up my rental car at the El Paso Airport as I headed back southeast for my solo trip toward my destination. Some five minutes of deep breathing later, and it gratefully subsided.


I had come for a women’s retreat during the second week of April. There were eight of us as guests, and five as presenters–one for each of the five days we were there allowing a day on either side for travel.  A killer chef named Simone–who’s also an incredible singer–served up gourmet delights each evening at an amazing meeting/place for all of us to hang and dine at complete with furnishings by local furniture designers

IMG_5329 IMG_5328


IMG_5722 IMG_5726 IMG_5335IMG_5284

It was a perfect setting for all concerned who were a mix of bloggers, graphic and clothing designers, product merchandisers, alchemists, coaches, podcasters, photographers, artists, and curators.

IMG_5409 IMG_5410

Staying at an Air B&B guest house, The Gypsy Castle Lounge Suite,, I was met by host, Genevieve shortly after unpacking. 3 friendly, resident cats kept me company while I usually had the run of the adobe ranch house to myself.


IMG_5313 IMG_5337

Marfa is small town, population around 2,000, where walking and/or biking is possible to most parts. Genevieve had graciously secured a bike for me to use. Still wound up after the day’s journeys, I pedaled around town early that first evening to check out some of the sights.

IMG_5306 IMG_5311 IMG_5720

 Marfa is an artist’s, designer’s and photographer’s dream, with opportunities everywhere you turn for inspiration.

And, the light. Ooh, the light.

IMG_5721 IMG_5714 IMG_5707

Partly put on the map in the late sixties by minimalist Artist, Donald Judd, when he relocated to the area from New York City,, his minimalist mark can be found throughout town at his many residences, artists studios and library–not to mention his several nearby ranch lands.

IMG_5647 IMG_5664 IMG_5666 IMG_5691 IMG_5687

Today, Marfa continues to be a mecca for artists, creative thinkers and anyone looking to explore and inquire–of self and of its wide, open spaces. All that and more is Marfa. It’s surroundings, national parks, local people, sights and sounds and its welcoming atmosphere are some of the best to be found. I met many people who ended up here while visiting Marfa and never left. I now see why.


IMG_5689 IMG_5413 IMG_5643 IMG_5296

IMG_5743 IMG_5756Adiós! Until next time, Marfa.

7 Ways To Find Your Right Fit

The-Dress-Lamp-Tree(photo: Tim Walker)

There’s plenty of fish in the sea….and dresses in the trees.

Which one do you like?

I used to love looking at fashion magazines (kept all my old 17 Magazine issues for years) and fantasizing which outfits I would buy. Once I got a job in retail I could pick out my own clothes and buy the latest fashions–the ones I liked.

Wasn’t always that way.

As a young girl, I used to inherit my sweet cousin’s hand-me-downs, which usually didn’t look great on me. They were either too big or the wrong color. She was a deep brunette, me a towheaded blonde. There was that one, brown dress that I wore for my sixth birthday party, I think it was. It was all wrong… but that’s another story!

The good news is…you can learn to choose which clothing (literally or figuratively speaking) fits you–on the outside AND on the inside.  Stay with me for a minute:

    1. It’s not comfortable. That brown dress? It was scratchy as Hell. I couldn’t wait to take it off and throw on a t-shirt and shorts. So, pay attention to your intuition when something doesn’t fit your style or “feel” right.
    2. The color is all wrong. Sometimes things just make your eyes hurt. They’re too bright or sickly looking–a real turn-off. You may be able to tweak it. Look for ways that you could add to (accessorize) or take away (revamp or recycle). Otherwise, toss it!
    3. You normally wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Are you wearing that hideous thing as a favor to someone else that is not to your benefit at the risk of sacrificing your own taste? Make sure you’re not cramping your style.
    4. It was someone else’s idea of a great thing. Not everything will work the same for you as it does for someone else–for any number of reasons. The thing that makes one person soar sinks you like a stone, or visa versa. Politely learn to say “No”. Thanks, but no thanks!
    5. You’re not getting positive feedback. It funny, when you think something is going to go over great guns, is going to be the winning ticket, a million dollar idea–or the design of the year and instead falls flat on its face. There’s no way to predict what’s going to be a success, and engagement–or a lack thereof–can be a good indicator it’s time to try a new design.
    6. You’re wearing it because you think you should. Everybody else is doing it! Must be a great idea. Not. Don’t just hop on the latest trend because someone says so. Watch Anna Wintour in this video on the subject to find out what she thinks is the dirtiest word.
    7. It’s just not you. The bottom line, and you can trust your gut on this one, if you can’t see it, feel it, smell it, hear or touch one or more of the above in some way, you’ve already figured out your answer and it’s time to cross that baby off your list and don’t look back.

Learn how to study and know You.

Then, Do You!!

PS~I’m eyeing the red, strapless number on the bottom branch.


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What If Everything Was Easy?

It's never too late-green sunburstWhat if everything was easy?


If you allowed yourself to listen. To slow it down, slow it way down. And you started NOW. Right where you are.


Nothing else mattered but the present. Just be. You allowed yourself to love yourself. To have peace with yourself and with everything else. And, for the sake of sounding too woo-woo…




Maybe just for a moment. And then, another moment.


Once you did this, you could call up that feeling at times when things didn’t feel so One. Or when they felt Off. Maybe Way Off.


You could pull it back, pull back that feeling of One. Make it easy.  Remembering the feeling. Making it a sense memory, in your body, your muscles, your bones, in every part of you.


Not hard. EASY.


Ask the question: What If Everything Was Easy?


Allow yourself to think it, feel it, in that deep down way I mentioned.


Then see where it takes you.


Even if you’re not feeling so “Easy”, by asking the question, you can start to imagine

the possibility.




How would you approach things differently?

How would you approach…your day, for instance?

Or, just the next hour?

The next ten minutes?

The next minute?


You can start your day over again. And again. Even when you feel Off.

Come back to that moment and the Question.




Stop struggling. Start pulling Easy toward you.

See if it helps.

Let me know what happens for you.


When It’s Time To Seize Opportunity

pine sunset, rumi quote, what you seek..

I recently finished a private course.*

With no intention of enrolling in any new program or doing anything out of the ordinary, except to carry along my same path, I received a mysterious message. “Look for something in the mail”–as in snail mail.  “What could it be?” I thought. Now the cryptic message became an even more tantalizing mystery.

And, sure as her word, not long after, I received a beautiful, handmade gift from a friend. An invitation. An invitation to Adventure. An adventure to a strange and out-of-the-way place. What is this place? It sounded vaguely familiar. Then, later, when I really looked at it, and read the words contained on the back of the lovely, bonus-size postcards I became even more intrigued.

This was an Opportunity. One I hadn’t considered. I kept coming back to the postcards. Called my friend to say I’d received them. “Wanna Skype? I’ll tell you more about it,” she said.

So, we did. More intrigue. Now want. Then fear. Wanting to go, having the desire. Then fearing it was a bridge too far, an expense not planned for. An indulgence. Extravagance. She said, “Let your gut decide if it’s right,” and, “I would love to see you there.”

Sleeping on it, I dreamed wild dreams. Wild like the country I would be going to when I went on this adventure. The wild started to call me. The wild woman inside started to lead me to the decision:


Sometimes, you have to seize opportunity. You’ll find all kinds of reasons not to do the thing that excites you, makes you a little afraid because it’s so new. So different. The desire tempts you, pulls you along and you wonder if you’re deceiving yourself. “Why me?” “Who do I think I am?” “I have no business doing this!”

Then it’s , “Oh, Hell!” And, you throw caution to the wind. Trust the Soup. Do the thing that scares you a little.

I’m not sure what I’ll find. I’m not even sure what I seek. But, it makes me feel alive. Makes my brain cells start charging, forging new, never before used pathways.

No, I wasn’t looking, but I wondered at the end of that first thing*, “What’s next?” And the “Next” found me. And, I’m embracing this Next.

When one door closes, another door opens.

Will you answer?

Say yes.