What Is It Worth To You?

Long-sleeve thermal Tee ✅

Thermal running pants ✅

Wool socks ✅

Turtleneck ✅

Snow pants ✅

Snow boots ✅

Down coat ✅

Beanie hat ✅

Fingerless mittens ✅

iPhone ✅



I Hate Winter.

All The Layers.

Just to go for a walk.


Is it worth it?



Because, I get to see all of this:


10429378_10205624871282696_5505430068120599596_nAnd this…

10430419_10205624885483051_7391613422907680002_n How cute is this guy? #minisnowman

10915301_10205624931964213_4154465709482978552_nAnd, how gorgeous is this one?

10930525_10205624878362873_2986336492903693467_nAnother, close-up view of my beloved gate

10933932_10205624897403349_22503983652927746_nEating freshly fallen snow is the best!

10933859_10205624944724532_5280969227797057265_nMeeting friends on the trail #humans #michiganwhitetaileddeer

10947186_10205624959284896_1342985491347516136_nRock sculptures (creative hands at work)


Not to mention…




Yes, it’s worth it. Every, bleeding minute of it.


Is it worth it to you?

That thing you love doing?

That thing you’re passionate about?

That thing you could lead others in?

That thing worth sharing with the world?

You have ideas.

Maybe I can help lead you to them.

Email me for a breakthrough session.


How Too Much Training Is Keeping You From Making Any Money

4260d17f4205b88c3805eb2d4d8610be                                                      (Jane Campion)

“You take direction really well,” said Bella Lewitsky, during my first modern dance workshop training. I was Aces at taking direction.

I was a follower. I got really used to taking direction, taking class after class, not stepping out and leading, and not making any money!

Does this sound like you? Taking one training after another and being stuck in the same place?

If it is… I totally get it!

What may surprise you is that you probably have everything you need right now.

So, let’s do a deep dive. What’s the missing link keeping you from having a business or life that you love?

One call. One breakthrough to find out what’s missing, to help lead you to be the director of your own life.

Email me @jvmc_happy@hotmail.com

How Failures Can Help You Find Clarity

Scan 4I’m sitting in the hallway looking from left to right at the other petite model hopefuls. As I size up my competition, I’m excited at the possibilities that this new opportunity has to offer. Yet, I wonder if I’m as pretty or as tall as some of the others. My father has given me money for the application fee and I don’t want to disappoint him with one more failed attempt to be somebody.

Inside the studio, when it’s my turn, the stylist coldly gives me the once over look and sizes me up with her terse assessment of my potential, “Yeah, you look like a dancer, all hips and no boobs”.  All of a sudden, I’m feeling less than and starting to worry that I may have once again wasted someone else’s money.

I have a list of failures that’s a mile long.

Are you worrying too much about what others think of you?

Are you dabbling in the art of self-sabotage?

Or paying too much attention to the competition rather than working on your own gifts?

My brief sojourn into the modeling world wasn’t a total loss. I ended up making friends with the photographer who took the above photo. He and I ended up having a lot more in common with each other than me and the modeling agency management.

The ones who “get” you are out there waiting for you to share your gifts.

If you need clarity on finding out just what those gifts are, I’d love to talk to you.

Shoot me an email.