The Universal Appeal of A Little Black Dress

I’d like to share with you some AVON products I’ve been enjoying recently.


First off is Little Black Dress–a modern fragrance that is classic, refreshing and long lasting.

Its notes of sparkling Italian lemon oil, elegant jasmine essence embellished with luxurious woods  make it perfect for the casual or dressy occasion. I’m showing the 1.7 oz. fragrance, body lotion and body wash. (Right now you can get all 3 for $25.00.)IMG_9195

This 2IN1 convertible bag (shoulder tote plus envelope clutch) makes a perfect backdrop for this modern fragrance. The tote features soft, black  vegan leather while the sapphire blue clutch came with a black/white, dye cut detail on the flap. Perfect for day-to-night activities! Check out all the other stylish bags over at AVON.

IMG_9193 IMG_9190 IMG_9197

These grey and black power tights with contrasting print were a steal when I recently picked them up. (Here are some other online exclusives.) They’re so comfortable and can be put to use for weekends running errands with a white or black tee, exercise class, or layered under a tunic top. The perfect weight, I like the way they can be dressed up with the sapphire blue envelope clutch. (Black flats, wedges or  pumps would definitely turn these leggings into an even more elegant look.)

IMG_9188 IMG_9184 IMG_9189 IMG_9201

I can also imagine that clutch accompanying a cute LBD , along with a spritz of AVON’s own Little Black Dress while out for cocktails with friends. The idea has real universal appeal.

I hope you enjoyed these style tips. Check out all of the great deals/steals and products over at AVON.

(It’s not just makeup anymore!)

Growth and Change

Hello Subscribers and New Visitors~

To those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed  that:

#1-After blogging fairly consistently, I took a break for about six months where you didn’t hear much (or at all) from me and;

#2-I seem to be taking this blog in a different direction.

Let me explain…

Since, according to my Archives,  beginning with my first blog post about six years ago (my how time flies!), a lot has changed.

I’ve changed, and I’ll venture a guess so have you.

Speaking for myself, I’ve kind of dipped back into areas of creativity I’ve always loved (such as visual arts, beauty, design, fashion) that, in lieu of writing about All Things Creative Entrepreneur-wise, I once again find myself being drawn back toward.

So, these days, if you’re still following me (and I know there’s a lot going on out there to draw your attention–and I appreciate your attention), you’ll find me talking more about beauty, fashion (my latest venture into being a mark./AVON representative), design, art, photography (Instagram), dance, as well as writing.

So, in a nutshell, you may see fewer words, more visual.

I hope you like the new direction and that you continue to enjoy my posts.

I’m honored you stopped by.

So, on that note…on to this week’s post!

“Colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette.”

(from pantone’s colors of 2016).

Ahhh, Spring!

I like Pantone’s combination of “excitement and optimism” mixed with “quiet stability”…a good combo not just for color but for a mantra for the season, yes?

Although Pantone has actually chosen 10 colors of the year, I’m thrilled to see two of my favorite colors are in this year’s color palate: Peach Echo and Limpet Shell. They compliment each other well, don’t you think?

Whereas a pastel version is fitting for Spring, taking it to a deeper tone suggests more of a summer palate.

Here are some examples, seen separately…images-4



As well as complimenting each other…

You get the idea.

And, don’t forget to check out what AVON, AVON Living and mark. by AVON have done with these colors by incorporating them into their season’s palate as well.

prod_1174074_xlp524 prod_5258027_xl
Check out what else AVON and its other divisions have to offer at my estore…

happy spring!

S P R I N G   H A S   S P R U N G !!


AVON has some amazing skin care products. I’ve been playing with their Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System from their ANEW line as well as their Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream.

The Eye Lift Pro cream is a dual product (a gel for the brow bone area/a cream for underneath the eye/cheek area).

Both products showcase the latest in AVON’s advanced technology in skin care.

Both offer long lasting moisture protection (72 hours with the hand cream).

Both products are reasonably priced.


Use this link to get a free shipping on a $25.00 order. ( Use Code: SHIP25 )


2016-03-30 15.07.18

(Sorry, candle not for sale)

prod_1087010_xl prod_1094806_xl_2 prod_1094806_xl