What If Everything Was Easy?

It's never too late-green sunburstWhat if everything was easy?


If you allowed yourself to listen. To slow it down, slow it way down. And you started NOW. Right where you are.


Nothing else mattered but the present. Just be. You allowed yourself to love yourself. To have peace with yourself and with everything else. And, for the sake of sounding too woo-woo…




Maybe just for a moment. And then, another moment.


Once you did this, you could call up that feeling at times when things didn’t feel so One. Or when they felt Off. Maybe Way Off.


You could pull it back, pull back that feeling of One. Make it easy.  Remembering the feeling. Making it a sense memory, in your body, your muscles, your bones, in every part of you.


Not hard. EASY.


Ask the question: What If Everything Was Easy?


Allow yourself to think it, feel it, in that deep down way I mentioned.


Then see where it takes you.


Even if you’re not feeling so “Easy”, by asking the question, you can start to imagine

the possibility.




How would you approach things differently?

How would you approach…your day, for instance?

Or, just the next hour?

The next ten minutes?

The next minute?


You can start your day over again. And again. Even when you feel Off.

Come back to that moment and the Question.




Stop struggling. Start pulling Easy toward you.

See if it helps.

Let me know what happens for you.




When It’s Time To Seize Opportunity

pine sunset, rumi quote, what you seek..

I recently finished a private course.*

With no intention of enrolling in any new program or doing anything out of the ordinary, except to carry along my same path, I received a mysterious message. “Look for something in the mail”–as in snail mail.  “What could it be?” I thought. Now the cryptic message became an even more tantalizing mystery.

And, sure as her word, not long after, I received a beautiful, handmade gift from a friend. An invitation. An invitation to Adventure. An adventure to a strange and out-of-the-way place. What is this place? It sounded vaguely familiar. Then, later, when I really looked at it, and read the words contained on the back of the lovely, bonus-size postcards I became even more intrigued.

This was an Opportunity. One I hadn’t considered. I kept coming back to the postcards. Called my friend to say I’d received them. “Wanna Skype? I’ll tell you more about it,” she said.

So, we did. More intrigue. Now want. Then fear. Wanting to go, having the desire. Then fearing it was a bridge too far, an expense not planned for. An indulgence. Extravagance. She said, “Let your gut decide if it’s right,” and, “I would love to see you there.”

Sleeping on it, I dreamed wild dreams. Wild like the country I would be going to when I went on this adventure. The wild started to call me. The wild woman inside started to lead me to the decision:


Sometimes, you have to seize opportunity. You’ll find all kinds of reasons not to do the thing that excites you, makes you a little afraid because it’s so new. So different. The desire tempts you, pulls you along and you wonder if you’re deceiving yourself. “Why me?” “Who do I think I am?” “I have no business doing this!”

Then it’s , “Oh, Hell!” And, you throw caution to the wind. Trust the Soup. Do the thing that scares you a little.

I’m not sure what I’ll find. I’m not even sure what I seek. But, it makes me feel alive. Makes my brain cells start charging, forging new, never before used pathways.

No, I wasn’t looking, but I wondered at the end of that first thing*, “What’s next?” And the “Next” found me. And, I’m embracing this Next.

When one door closes, another door opens.

Will you answer?

Say yes.



Are You Feeling Frazzled?

dc6d210d21c66eb33e0f0ab33edc4d25 Victori, Frazzled Woman by Artexpo/Spectrum Art Show on Flickr


The woman is feeling frazzled.

A successful, thirty-something-year-old entrepreneur, she’s got it made. Although she’s pushing six figures in her business, has a highly creative team to help her, yet something is wrong. She’s got her fingers in too many pots. More is not more, she’s finding out, actually more is less, more or less…And, “killing It” might just be killing her.

Question: How does she actually reverse that equation, making the idea of Less is More Really Real in terms of Happiness as well as Life Fulfilling?

Because, here’s the thing. she’s spread too thin. So thin, in fact, that she has no time for anything but business. Success is coming at a great cost. She’s not getting enough sleep, forgetting to eat–or eat healthily, even forgetting to breathe!

And Lovelife? What’s that?!

In short, she’s got It going on, just too much of It.

Miss Frazzled needs to drill down and find out which top two or three things she can do that make the most sense to move herself forward, feed her soul as well as the souls she can best feed, while also feeding her pocketbook.

*She needs to cut down the ten clients to two or three

*Get rid of outdated, outmoded programs or offerings

*Get 8 hours of sleep

*Get a chef to deliver her healthy food options

*Have a weekly date night–maybe, but not necessarily in that order.


*Remember to breathe…Ahhhhhh.

Could She…

*Use a quiet leader who listens to her with a calm demeanor?

*Someone who, though seeming reserved, thrives on independence herself and offers logical and creative observations?

* Someone who, like her, is an entrepreneurial visionary who would hold space for her dreams as well?

* Someone who identifies with/understands her present situation, who can offer a unique perspective to find her next move–in life, in business, in place–perhaps in all three?

* Someone who thinks along unconventional lines, outside the box, who tends to thwart traditional, one-size-fits-all logic?

* Someone to act as her secret weapon, her Movement Mentor waiting to accompany her on this creative adventure of dancing her new, less-is-more path?

Are you feeling frazzled?

Email me. I’d love to hear your story.



From Musing To Moving


SONY DSC        (Photo: Polyvore.com)

You’ve been working that job now for more years than you’d like to count.


You’d like to leave it. You’re bored and ready to cash in that 401K and use some of it to do something much more creative.


Car’s paid off, kids are grown. You’re on your own.


You’ve got some fun distractions in the evening but what excites you  most is your recent foray into a secret passion you’ve been dreaming about which you seem to be delving into more and more.


What if you could do that for a living, you muse?


Maybe you’re investigating the possibility of new locales, more creative-friendly vistas.


You’re ready to put all the “time wasters” on hold,  get in shape and get serious about living your dream.


Does this sound anything like you?


* Could you use a quiet leader who listens to you with a calm demeanor?

* Someone who, though seeming reserved, thrives on independence herself and offers logical and creative observations?

* Someone who, like you, is an entrepreneurial visionary who would hold space for your dreams as well?

* Someone who identifies with your present situation, who understands that you’re ready to find your next move–in life, in business, in place–perhaps in all three?

* Someone who thinks along unconventional lines, outside the box, who tends to thwart traditional, one-size-fits-all logic?

* Someone who may be your secret weapon, your Movement Mentor waiting to accompany you on this creative adventure of dancing your new path?


If so…email jean @ jecompto@outlook.com


Stop Musing.

Start Moving.