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Substance Abuse and Mental Health: How Are They Connected?

When a person is struggling with a substance abuse disorder and, at the same time suffering from a mental health condition, this situation commonly takes the name of either “dual diagnosis” or “co-occurring disorder.” Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety can make it extremely harder to deal with drug addiction; therefore, if an …

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How Addiction Starts

Is there a single trigger that starts teen’s drug addiction? No, there are many causes that prompt addiction. There are so many drugs in the world appeared for the last century, and some of them are very challenging and dangerous for teenagers. There is an age-old belief that nature and nurture are potential triggers for …

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Am I ADDICT? (Self Test)

Whenever we consumed alcohol or drugs, we convinced ourselves by saying, “I can have control over it”. This might be true at the starting. Is it true now? No. We used to live a very simple life until when we met addictions.  You may think that you do not have an addiction but have an …

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