Stephenie wrote a nice review of the ‘free meditation’ I have on my blog as an opt-in to my mailing list. Here it is:

“Being someone who struggles with meditation, it was important to me to start out with a guided version that wasn’t too long and left me feeling calm, energized and ready for the busy day ahead. Jean’s meditation was exactly what I was looking for. Her voice is soft and soothing. The music was spot on and the whole thing was easy to follow and relax with. Jean is truly the meditation master. In addition to the fabulous recording, she creates content that always leaves me inspired and excited for more! I highly recommend working with Jean in whatever capacity you can.”

(Stephenie Zamora/http://www.stepheniezamora.com/)




I had the pleasure of working with Nichole by creating a personally designed meditation for her and coaching her through the experience. She graciously answered my follow up questions. Here’s what she said:


What was your favorite part about working with me?
Having the accountability was huge for me, knowing that Jean would be calling me asking if I got my “homework” completed made me MUCH more likely to complete it!

How did the experience benefit you?
I felt more relaxed and calm after the meditations and doing them more often definitely helped me stay focused when working and also shut off when it was family time.

How was I able to provide answers to the problem/s you were dealing with?
I had never meditated before so Jean made it really digestible and easy implement into my busy life. She was always there with tips and suggestions if I was struggling.

Where did you feel improvement over a situation you were experiencing, etc.?
I was really unfocused and frazzled, working with Jean really helped me re-focus and teach me how to stay calm in stressful times. I just felt better overall. I would definitely suggest anyone stressed hire Jean, she is great!

(Nichole Kellerman/http://www.nicholekellerman.com/)



“Your talents at translating ideas into stories — fantastic. I can see the thread from the days of dancing and choreographing…I enjoy being part of your awesome community.” Andrea Kates, author of Find Your Next

“Too many people stress for nothing! I like what you do!”
Erna van Dyk (Happiness Transform)


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