“In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than willpower or inspiration.”

John Steinbeck

How do you center yourself and clear your head prior to
writing? Someone recently asked me this question on my blog.

Like I told him, I do a number of things.

First off, I told him…in the morning, just to get my head straight in general, I do a few yoga poses and a quick ten minute meditation just to center myself for the day–I just don’t feel right if I don’t.

I also told him…

Boy, a lot of days I just don’t feel like writing…Hah! Probably the #1 complaint most writers have.

Then I said…

Here’s a few things that I do that work for me…and I know it’s kinda cliche, but like Nike® says…Just Do It!

  1. Freewrite~It’s sort of like freedrawing, where you look at your subject, and start to draw but you can’t take your pen (or pencil) off the paper and you keep drawing(or writing) for a set period of time–say 15 minutes–or whatever time you want. No editing, no judging. Just write.
  2. Set A Timer~For 15 minutes, or 5 minutes, or whatever. And, write.
  3.  Makes Lists~Of anything.
  4.  Go For A Walk.
  5.  Go look at Tumblr or Pinterest~or any art/photography site for inspiration.
  6. Find A Famous Quote~and riff on it.
  7. Brain Dump~It’s sort of like freewriting, but take whatever’s worrying you, etc. and just put it all on paper.
  8. Go back and edit something you’ve already written~There’s usually something that you could improve on, say better, or correct (typo!)
  9. Go back and re-read something you’ve written~that you’re really proud of. Sometimes I surprise myself when I go back and re-read earlier pieces. “Did I write that?!” It’s like somebody else wrote it. You can amaze yourself.
  10. Go read a really good piece of writing and get inspired~Open to the first page of a best seller, a classic, etc. and read the first few pages…maybe even copy their style–just for the heck of it. (But, Don’t plagiarize.) Who do you like? Grisham? Elmore Leonard? Eudora Welty? How do they grab your attention? Hear their voice, and maybe it will help you find your own.

BONUS(See #10)Read the lyrics to a great song~Hear how it paints a picture.

I could go on…but I hope this gives you some ideas to get un-stuck in your writing!

– See more at: http://jeancompton.com/uncategorized/what-i-plan-to-stop-doing-so-i-can-give-myself-more-time-to-do-what-i-love/#sthash.24uwiKy6.dpuf

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