20 Ways to Make Running Seem Like Fun


I don’t always feel like running.

Sometimes I run fast. Sometimes I run slow. Sometimes I run like an old lady–but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m moving forward. It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow I go as long as there’s progress.

As long as I Just.Keep.Moving.


Sometimes progress seems practically imperceptible–almost like you’re moving through m-o-l-a-s-s-e-s or like you’re not moving. at. all.


And, your “fast” may not look like somebody else’s fast.


Particularly when you’re looking with your outer-not your inner eye.


For, on the surface, movement can be deceiving.

You just may not see it.


Here are 20 ways to help you stay focused, mark your progress and make running seem like fun.


  1. Walk for 5 minutes to warm up.
  2. Run at half your normal speed (time).
  3. Run when you feel like it; walk when you feel like it
  4. Inch along with baby steps
  5. Run leading with toes first on your footfall
  6. Run leading with heels first on your foot fall.
  7. Walk for a count of 60; run for 60
  8. Walk for 60; run for 120; 180, etc. until you build up to all running for 2-3 miles, or more
  9. Run sideways (grapevine); (Side step, Step behind the support foot, Side step, Step across support foot); alternate sides
  10. Run forward in wide, “S” curve pattern
  11. Run forward making half circles with feet back to front
  12. Run forward with feet moving side-to-side
  13. Run to next mile marker
  14. Run to next tractor crossing sign
  15. Run to next red bush
  16. Run to next beach umbrella
  17. Run until you pass another runner
  18. Run until a bike passes you
  19. Run like you’re running on firm, wet sand
  20. Run like you’re running on clouds

You get the idea.

Make It A Game. And…

When you feel like you’re not moving fast enough in the game of life or business,


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