Steb-By-Step Guide To Success


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao-tzu)

I was reminded of this Chinese proverb as I was taking my trail run the other day. I couldn’t help but think about how running your daily ‘race’ can be symbolic of the way you run your life, your business, your ‘action plan’.

I break it down this way…

‘If I can just run to the next tractor crossing sign, I can get there.’ Concentrate on one thing. Sometimes it is easier to just feel my one foot after the other and not the long journey and then it’s almost effortless.

It is easier to concentrate on doing one thing well for a while. You still have the big picture in mind, but it doesn’t overwhelm you.

• MAINTAIN GOOD FORM: Warm up. Be present, be in your body, don’t get locked up and keep breathing. Concentrate on getting the most out of this workout by putting in your best effort. Keep your body aligned.

You’re ‘doing it’. You’re taking action. Be in competition only with yourself. Slow and steady wins the ‘race’.
• ADD VARIETY: Change your route, run with a friend. Cross train. Run one day, then do yoga the next, or stretch, or get on the rebounder or do weight bearing exercises to keep a balance.

Likewise, when you are ready, branch out: write a guest post, do an interview or make that video. Variety is the spice of life!

• ENJOY THE RIDE: Take in your surroundings, be grateful for the opportunity. Have fun. When you get creative, it gives you energy back. (And, especially if you’re outside doing it you’re communing with nature which is a natural stress reliever/energizer.)

In your business, communing with others, sharing ideas, giving and taking ideas makes the journey that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Running is hard. But when you break it down, stay in the present, be where you ‘stand’ and take it one-step-at-a-time in truly good form, it becomes less so.

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