Are You Down?

10354073_10204071221482422_6594480918528686556_nToday I’m down with a cold.


Sometimes it takes such a thing for me to slow down and take a look at my life.


I managed to go a whole year–not to mention one of the worst winters on record–disease free. So, even though I’m “down” with this blocky head thing, I’m down with it.


It’s giving me some much needed so-called me time even though I may not have thought I needed it.


But, someone, The Universe, that nasty cold virus,  is putting me down in this place so I have no choice but to slow down.


A fast of sorts is in order.


I’ll still have a Cup-O-Joe so I don’t get a headache. But, I’m avoiding alcohol (abstaining for a few days is not a bad idea), and most gluten-loaded foods. Nuts, fruit, teas, H20, immune boost drops–and that Cup-O-Joe are all on the menu. Ah, and Rest, of course!


Ironically, or on purpose, our power went out last night during an intense Midwestern wind/rainstorm causing me to take another fast–from electronic devices.


Phone about to die.


Comforts, like AC, the gas stove, etc., are down as well. Although I can light the gas stove with a match which I’m grateful for to heat up soup and water for tea (and yes for that coffee cup too).


Even being down and out, I still have many blessings to be thankful for.


A summer cold? Not so bad to be down with cold when it’s warm outside.


What are you grateful for on this fourth day of July?



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