7 Ways To Find Your Right Fit

The-Dress-Lamp-Tree(photo: Tim Walker)

There’s plenty of fish in the sea….and dresses in the trees.

Which one do you like?

I used to love looking at fashion magazines (kept all my old 17 Magazine issues for years) and fantasizing which outfits I would buy. Once I got a job in retail I could pick out my own clothes and buy the latest fashions–the ones I liked.

Wasn’t always that way.

As a young girl, I used to inherit my sweet cousin’s hand-me-downs, which usually didn’t look great on me. They were either too big or the wrong color. She was a deep brunette, me a towheaded blonde. There was that one, brown dress that I wore for my sixth birthday party, I think it was. It was all wrong… but that’s another story!

The good news is…you can learn to choose which clothing (literally or figuratively speaking) fits you–on the outside AND on the inside.  Stay with me for a minute:

    1. It’s not comfortable. That brown dress? It was scratchy as Hell. I couldn’t wait to take it off and throw on a t-shirt and shorts. So, pay attention to your intuition when something doesn’t fit your style or “feel” right.
    2. The color is all wrong. Sometimes things just make your eyes hurt. They’re too bright or sickly looking–a real turn-off. You may be able to tweak it. Look for ways that you could add to (accessorize) or take away (revamp or recycle). Otherwise, toss it!
    3. You normally wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Are you wearing that hideous thing as a favor to someone else that is not to your benefit at the risk of sacrificing your own taste? Make sure you’re not cramping your style.
    4. It was someone else’s idea of a great thing. Not everything will work the same for you as it does for someone else–for any number of reasons. The thing that makes one person soar sinks you like a stone, or visa versa. Politely learn to say “No”. Thanks, but no thanks!
    5. You’re not getting positive feedback. It funny, when you think something is going to go over great guns, is going to be the winning ticket, a million dollar idea–or the design of the year and instead falls flat on its face. There’s no way to predict what’s going to be a success, and engagement–or a lack thereof–can be a good indicator it’s time to try a new design.
    6. You’re wearing it because you think you should. Everybody else is doing it! Must be a great idea. Not. Don’t just hop on the latest trend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOSWiptjWSE because someone says so. Watch Anna Wintour in this video on the subject to find out what she thinks is the dirtiest word.
    7. It’s just not you. The bottom line, and you can trust your gut on this one, if you can’t see it, feel it, smell it, hear or touch one or more of the above in some way, you’ve already figured out your answer and it’s time to cross that baby off your list and don’t look back.

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PS~I’m eyeing the red, strapless number on the bottom branch.


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