A Renaissance ReInventress in the American West – My interview with Jennifer Elsner of Viewers Like You

Grand Canyon


This is my first in a series of interviews I’m calling, “Renaissance ReInventresses”. Another first is that this inteview is in audio format vs. the written interviews I’ve done in the past.

Are you a creative entrepreneur? A Renaissance woman who is creative in more than one discipline? Looking for a new adventure, to start a new venture or to reinvent yourself while keeping balance in your family and life?

Are you a Renaissance ReInventress??

Today I talk with designer Jennifer Elsner of Viewers Like You and lately with Land Arts Of The American West.

In our first interview (a casual conversation–don’t look for it, I’m just referencing it here), we talked about the following topics; In this second part, we dig a little deeper regarding:

*Our Connection To Each Other: Jennifer and I met at RHHLive and were both in Marie Forleo’s RHH Mastermind albeit at different times

*How new ventures/adventures can infuse your creativity with inspired energy

*Finding other, like-minded Renaissance women

*How Creatives/Renaissance women find their “Next”

*The Extrovert that lies inside all Creatives/Introverts and how to work with her

and more.

If this sound like you, listen on….

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(Click on photos for larger view)





Near the edge of Jackpile Mine with Curtis Francisco



Breakfast at El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas.

Fire on the south rim.


Jennifer in a new hat






J. Elsner and landarts


For more information on Land Arts Of The American West, go here: Landarts.org.

For more information on Jennifer Elsner or Viewers Like You, go here: http://viewers-like-you.com/

All photos courtesy: Landarts.org and Jennifer Elsner.



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