n. pl. anx·i·e·ties

a. A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties. (from


I went for a bike ride yesterday.  My first of the season.  The season we thought would never come that followed the one we thought would never end.

Some kids were out on the bike trail.  I asked them if there was school that day.  One of them shook their head no.  I thought, how great to not have to be in school as it was such a beautiful day.  Then my mind immediately went to Japan and the kids over there—how many of them were missing or lost never to see Spring again.


A good friend of mine started seeing his counselor again for depression—or so he thought.  After filling out a questionnaire, the psychologist pointed out that, although he did show many of he markers for depression that actually  what he was suffering from was…


Another friend had been having issues with her pre-teen.  He was authority-defiant. He’d been tested for everything. She’d tried everything. No one seemed to know why he was acting out.  Tears welled up in his eyes when she asked him if there was anything he was ‘anxious’ about.  She had hit a nerve.

You guessed it…the A. word.

Are we becoming a nation, a world of anxious people??

We all feel the repercussions on many levels from what’s going on in Japan.  We have anxiety for them as well as for ourselves in how it could potentially affect our future—how it could affect everyone’s future.

We feel connected to people in crisis throughout the world.  We literally ‘feel their pain’.   No man is an island.  We are One World now.

Model Petra Nemcova survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami by hanging on to a palm tree for seven hours. She recently stated after hearing about the disaster in Japan that the most important thing to do was to ‘stay calm’.

So, in this era of worry what can one do to stay calm?

  • Breathe. It keeps oxygen flowing so that you can think rationally-and calmly.
  • Turn off the news.  Then, get moving! Go for a bike ride, do yoga, dance, swim, walk, run, play in the dirt…anything to get you out of your head and back into your body.
  • Meditate. Do nothing—even if it’s for only two minutes.  My good friend told me she tried the ‘Do Nothing For 2 Minutes’ meditation where you zone out to the sound of waves—and she couldn’t do it!  Not even for two minutes.  Yes, we also need stillness.
  • Be thankful. A teacher searching for his missing students in Japan walked up to a reporter covering the news of the tsunami and asked where he was from.  When the reporter replied that he was from America, the teacher, in a calm voice, thanked the reporter for being there.  Then he thanked him a second time.
  • Laugh! It is the best medicine.  Not to mention is strengthens the abs.

Spring came!

And if today happens to be my last day on earth, I hope to greet it

with calm.

And a Mel Brooks movie.

(photos courtesy of the blogger and The Selby)

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