Are You Feeling Frazzled?

dc6d210d21c66eb33e0f0ab33edc4d25 Victori, Frazzled Woman by Artexpo/Spectrum Art Show on Flickr


The woman is feeling frazzled.

A successful, thirty-something-year-old entrepreneur, she’s got it made. Although she’s pushing six figures in her business, has a highly creative team to help her, yet something is wrong. She’s got her fingers in too many pots. More is not more, she’s finding out, actually more is less, more or less…And, “killing It” might just be killing her.

Question: How does she actually reverse that equation, making the idea of Less is More Really Real in terms of Happiness as well as Life Fulfilling?

Because, here’s the thing. she’s spread too thin. So thin, in fact, that she has no time for anything but business. Success is coming at a great cost. She’s not getting enough sleep, forgetting to eat–or eat healthily, even forgetting to breathe!

And Lovelife? What’s that?!

In short, she’s got It going on, just too much of It.

Miss Frazzled needs to drill down and find out which top two or three things she can do that make the most sense to move herself forward, feed her soul as well as the souls she can best feed, while also feeding her pocketbook.

*She needs to cut down the ten clients to two or three

*Get rid of outdated, outmoded programs or offerings

*Get 8 hours of sleep

*Get a chef to deliver her healthy food options

*Have a weekly date night–maybe, but not necessarily in that order.


*Remember to breathe…Ahhhhhh.

Could She…

*Use a quiet leader who listens to her with a calm demeanor?

*Someone who, though seeming reserved, thrives on independence herself and offers logical and creative observations?

* Someone who, like her, is an entrepreneurial visionary who would hold space for her dreams as well?

* Someone who identifies with/understands her present situation, who can offer a unique perspective to find her next move–in life, in business, in place–perhaps in all three?

* Someone who thinks along unconventional lines, outside the box, who tends to thwart traditional, one-size-fits-all logic?

* Someone to act as her secret weapon, her Movement Mentor waiting to accompany her on this creative adventure of dancing her new, less-is-more path?

Are you feeling frazzled?

Email me. I’d love to hear your story.

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