Celestial Bodies/Front To Back

During my dance training, one of the most useful directions given to me by one of my dance teachers was the following:

To go forward, you have to release the back.

(Of course, the reverse is also true…)

To go backward (requiring more coordination) you have to release the front.

It’s as if you imagine a force-like wind, or an unseen hand pushing, propelling you.

It changes the whole dynamic. Your forward (or backward) motion is that much easier.

You’re not just moving forward, or whatever direction you’re going.

You’re practically making a statement about where you are in space/the direction you’re going!

The release allows in a flood of energy in to accomplish the best, most efficient performance of the motion.

It has to do with imagery.

You ‘imagine’ the movement first in your mind, then the body follows.

Interesting Fact:

This type of imagery is used in the training of Olympic athletes. The athlete simply practices the ideal body position, alignment, action first in their mind, ‘seeing it’ happen in their mind’s eye before actually performing the action.

‘They can see, hear, smell and perform in the minds eye, as they want to in real life.’

‘This process is best achieved when a player is completely relaxed.’
(Introducing Mental Imagery To Rugby Players by David Griffiths)


This leads me to another thought….So much in our culture is based on how we ‘look’.

Our front, or our surface–if you will…

The first, visual impression of somebody’s body.

We don’t always think of someone in 3-dimensional form;

That we not ONLY have a front,

We have a back, sides, top and bottom!

Have you ever tried to imagine yourself from the back?

Are you even aware that you have a back?

Try this exercise the next time you’re in a room with a group of people, or standing in a line.

Take a few deep breaths.

Now, picture yourself in space–no, not out there, in your present, physical space.
Feel the front of your body, see it in your mind’s eye.
Feel the back of your body.
Feel your sides-the entire length, top to bottom.
See yourself from above, looking down.
Now, try to do the same thing, this time looking up from underneath your feet.

Now, extend your vision to your surroundings, and the people around you.

Without looking, visualize them in space.

Extend your vision to the whole room

To the building or space you are in

To the outside

Keep going, gradually extending your vision bigger and bigger, until your imagination takes you to the world and beyond to the universe.

Now, bring it back down.

Reverse and go from the universe, back to your world, your country, your town, your present location, your building, your room, the people around you.


See YOU.

You’re a whole person–not just a pretty face. Well, you’re that too.

But, so much more.

(Photo credits: Calvin Klein, fall 2001 collection: front and back view of a fluid matte silk dress.© AP/Wide World Photos; Rad How To)

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