I went snowshoeing yesterday.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a few years and I finally, this winter, ordered some snowshoes!

I even got a package deal with skis, gaiters and poles.

Such a deal.

I couldn’t wait to get out on the trail and try them out.

Except there wasn’t enough snow! (I didn’t know that you need at least six inches of powder.)

I barely had two. No matter. What I didn’t know didn’t hurt me.

I started out.

It was a crisp, cold day.

I crossed over a bridge with a gurgling stream and stopped to listen to the serene sound.

I headed through the prairie then up into the stand of pines. I called it Cathedral of Saint John of the Pines (after Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Manhattan’s Upper West Side).

What a magnificent sight! Better than any cathedral.

I always say, if you want to see God, get out in Nature.

It was very quiet that day. Only saw a few birds and squirrels. No deer in view~they must have been hunkering
down in the cold.

I stopped along the way and took photos.

3/4 of the way through the straps on my snowshoes came undone. I tried tightening them but due the cold and the stiffness of the rubbery straps, they wouldn’t stay on.

Halfway across the wooden bridge on the marsh, I decided to just take them off and carry them.

All-in-all, I had a great time on my first snowshoe outing. It was not hard to stay warm with the effort and the addition of the poles made for a nice upper body workout. ( I had to take off my gloves eventually~I got so warm.)

And, my exhilaration in just trying a new challenge made me smile the whole way.

(Also knowing thatI was burning an estimated 1,000 calories an hour didn’t hurt!)

Next time I’ll make sure I have more snow so as not to frighten away the deer…I thought my skis sounded a little noisy!

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