Comments-REVEALED: Secrets to Finding Your Next-My Interview With Author Andrea Kates


Last week I interviewed Andrea Kates on her book, Find Your Next.

During the interview, she had some great insights into future business trends  which she addressed in my final question to her.

Later, Andrea was curious to know what my readers/fellow entrepreneurs think is trending. 

So I asked them.

The following are some of the interesting comments I got across social media.

Andrea, I hope you find this informative!

Last week…

JMC:  What do you see as a significant trend on horizon?

AK:  I see early signs of something I’m calling The Fourth Place—a place that goes beyond Starbucks, who tapped into the concept of The Third Place. If you study State Farm’s newest experimental pilot called Next Door or even ING’s cafes, you’ll start to notice a new type of place for people to hang out that isn’t home (the first place), isn’t work (the second place) isn’t a coffee shop (like Starbucks). Maybe we’re starting to feel like “squatters” if we hang out at a Starbucks for 4 hours. Maybe we work from home and want connection with other people like ourselves. Maybe we want a place to have a new type of conversation (like Next Door’s community chats about how to deal with student loans). But I see all types of Fourth Places popping up in the US and in Europe.

This week

“Not altogether inspired by #currenttrends that are tweeting around the world. I spose it makes grateful for the exciting, emotional moments.”OnlyMe@ShesDramatic

“interesting! I’ve never heard of the concept of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places before…”
Heather Pierce Gianonne

“…To me, it’s all the online hangouts & communities I am a part of- facebook groups, forums, chat boards, where I get to know people personally & “do life” with them in some capacity” Amanda Duran

“…it conjures up MASTERMIND for me. In a cool, low-key place.”
Kat Kim

“I had a long comment written up and Facebook ate it! 🙁 What I wanted to say is that I feel like in our little online world there’s a lot of “4th place/no-place” in the location-independent scene… where people don’t have a 1st place, or their 1st place moves a lot. I personally love nesting and having roots, so it’s not for everyone but I can see how doing the migratory bird thing and moving in winter/summer would be beneficial. Bigger moves than the places you referred to, but worth exploring too. :)”
Nathalie Lussier

“It conjures up to me this FB group.(Fearless Launching Project) I hang out here all the time! But also – there are places where people rent a cool space and it’s open for people to bring their laptops and plug in and work “together” instead of at home or at a cafe. I love that idea. I think it would be great once a week to get together with other like minded people in the same space and just do our own individual things but have that interaction. Have lunch outside on the lawn with them and make coffee bring snacks. Like the work environment that doesn’t yet exist.”
Catherine Just Steiner


So, there you have it! Some interesting responses. I would love to hear more.

Any other thoughts any of you might have on the idea of “fourth place” or up-and-coming trends? Leave me a comment below.


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