Every Day Birthday Thoughts…Today I will wake up, snuggle with some kitties (depending on who is in my bed) get up, make-like-a-tree pose, do some stretches, meditate.
Then, I’ll go downstairs, greet my mate, and drink a tall glass of water with lemon, make a big Chai tea with almond milk and raw honey, open the back door to breathe in fresh air and check out what’s going on outside.
Then, I’ll have some fruit, probably grapefruit or berries.
Then, I’ll take my chai and H20 and go check on my email.
Then, I’ll go upstairs, put on makeup and do my hair.
I’ll put on a fun outfit and accessorize it accordingly.
I’ll drive to meet some cool peeps, family, friends or a combo of both.
We’ll then meet, have some heartwarming food and drink while we have scintillating conversation.
We’ll think of those who can’t be with us–but who we know are there in spirit.
We’ll laugh, reminisce, talk of future plans, and just enjoy each others company.
(There will also probably be some music and-hopefully-dancing involved.)
We’ll head out, continue the party, continue the conversation, feel blessed that we have each other and deeply grateful for family, friends, health, wealth-beyond-measure (because wealth can’t be measured in numbers).
Shouldn’t every day feel like your birthday?
Love My Life.
(photo credit: Craftberry Bush)

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