Fearless Launching 2015


Anne Samoilov is the Creator of Fearless Launching. She recently re-launched her signature program for 2015 and she updated me on its new contents.


1) Can you give us a little background on your “roots” and how you came to start Fearless Launching?

I really got started working in visual effects and animation. I worked in production from my very first job as a receptionist all the way to the last role I played as a Producer.  So – I’ve seen project management, delivery, shipping, and launching at every level in a completely different industry. Plus – I worked mostly at start up divisions and companies…so it prepared me nicely for the online world.

The difference is now I’m going back to those roots as a way to start working on new projects and products for you!

2) Who is your program for? Who is it not for?

This program is for someone who is ready to set their business up for a launch – which might take some time depending on where they are in their business. It’s better if someone has a business already and then with the help of this program and community, you’ll start seeing the systems and activities you need to do way before the launch. Even beginners can gain something from the program because sometimes a stand alone launch of a product or event or service tells you a lot about the type of business you want to build.

If you’re looking for a step by step tech guide, this isn’t it. We cover strategy, big picture planning, team building, systems, and how to reach your right people before you launch.

3) Do you see a trend is what is selling online…i.e., products, services, membership sites? Or, is it a matter of personal preference/style?

Trends come and go – sometimes I’ll notice that everyone’s using a “free” book to kick off an evergreen launch funnel or start a launch process that’s running on autopilot. Sometimes I notice people doing a webinar series – multiple webinars for their audience during their launch. It’s easy to get stuck on things that other people are doing as way to show you what you should be doing. Not everyone should do an online course with a member’s area that then leads to a live event. You have to be willing to think outside the box and push yourself to ask/answer what do your people want!

4) What is different about your program from other programs?

I still see Fearless Launching – after several years of launching it – as a unique program that’s not aiming to teach a system or blueprint, but rather a program that gives you a map to personalize. Think about road trips across any given country. There are so many different possible roads to take. Not one will be the right path.

My program aims to teach launching as a means to growing and strengthening your business too…I learn something new every single time I work on anyone (or my own) launch.

I learn what I’m no longer willing or wanting to do in my business. I learn about new things I want to create. I learn new technical skills. It’s a learn extravaganza.  

Fearless Launching gives you a place to learn 10x faster and with a group of like minded and like-hearted people who are all pushing their ideas out into the world.

5) What is included in this newest round? How does it work?

The newest round of the program is 6 weeks of core content covering the 6 main areas where launches go astray. There’s also a library of additional master classes and resources meant to deepen your understanding of the connection between launching and your business. The biggest change with this time around is that there are 3 levels to choose from – all the way to a limited time offer coaching program with me!  Also, the class now features 2 live calls per week for the Pro and VIP levels – one call is a kickstart to the week ahead and the other is our regular office hours where everyone can attend to ask questions and get support.

We work together for 8 weeks total and by the end of it you either have a complete launch plan set or you are actually ready to launch…or you’ve decided to retool your offer or some other not so strong part of your launch puzzle.

6) Anything else you’d like to add, Anne?

Fearless Launching is literally a piece of me at this point. I love the members, I love the content, I love the ideas that come out of the group…and the energy of the community keeps me working and striving to do more and give more. If you do nothing else, at least grab the launch toolkit * because that will give you a good idea of the content inside the program and also … please reach out to me if you have questions!


Full Disclosure: I’m a founding member of Fearless Launching as well as a proud affiliate.

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