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I’m new at this blogging stuff.

My husband called one of my blogs ‘cute’. My daughter said, ‘nice start’.

I don’t want to be cute. I want to be brilliant!

And, I don’t want just a nice start, I want a mind-blowing, kick-ass beginning that will blow the pants off of everyone.

But, then, I’m impatient. I want more. I want it all. And, I want it now.


I’m really trying, in 2011 to live more in the moment.


Yeah, that’s what I said. But, I’m just beginning, so be patient with me. And, I’ll promise to be patient with myself.

It goes back to what an astrologer once told me. She said, ‘You want everything and everyone to be perfect and if you keep on doing that you are going to be a very, unhappy person. And, of course, YOU have to be the most perfect.’

She was right about a lot of things she told me that day, and she was


right on that one.

Being perfect, well there’s no such thing, of course.

…but I’m stubborn (the Taurus in me) AND I want everything to be ideal.

What is my point?

My point is that in being MORE patient and living more IN THE MOMENT, I hope to eventually find those people who I speak to and who will benefit in some way from my words and ideas.

My tribe.

I know they’re out there.


I just have to be patient and hope they find me and like what they see.

Until then…I’ll be happy with my cute start.

Cute’s good. So are new beginnings.

Thanks for the support.

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