My smart phone has a great feature.  When it’s not being actively used, it dims it’s light–thereby saving energy.  Pretty smart phone.

Sometimes I can be annoyed by this.  But, then I got to thinking… It’s to my benefit, saving the energy for when I’m actively using the phone.  It’s helping me by saving the energy for when I’m actually being productive!

This got me to thinking about how we all use energy efficiently–or not.

Why are we expending energy on unnecessary practices?  Why are we worrying about the wrong things and, in so doing, ‘wasting’ energy.  Draining our batteries, so to speak, while we could be putting our best energy to better use?

When I meditate in the mornings, I like to use the following image:

After I am completely relaxed, I’ll picture this:

A cup of warm light hovers over my head.  It glows with this ‘light energy’.  I imagine pouring it over my head and feeling it course through my entire body from head to foot, out my finger tips, out my toes and shooting out in all directions from my body.

As it pools around me and spreads out further and further, I imagine it eventually meeting up with the Universe’s ‘light energy’.  At that point, there is an exchange of my ‘old’ energy from the previous day for the ‘new’ energy. What my mentor Marie Forleo refers to as a ‘sweet spot’.

It’s a super charged moment, as I feel the new energy recycling the old energy, flushing out all the cares, negatives, what-didn’t-works of yesterday and infusing me and my day with a clean slate to start over.  I feel open to the new possibilities, experiences, or whatever is out there to find this day.

This ‘re-charging’ of my battery helps me pace myself and remember to tune in to where I’m wasting energy vs. using energy to create–and prioritize accordingly.

So…..are you being smart about saving your energy? Or are you expending needless energy in activities that don’t benefit you?  Are you eating the right foods that keep your energy consistently pumping?  Are you letting anger or worry sap your best energy??

Leave me a comment and tell me what you plan to do to conserve your energy for the most important stuff on your list.

And, speaking of lists, be sure to get on MY list, where I will share with you a free, morning meditation, to help you find your ‘sweet spot’ and get your day going right!

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