From Musing To Moving


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You’ve been working that job now for more years than you’d like to count.


You’d like to leave it. You’re bored and ready to cash in that 401K and use some of it to do something much more creative.


Car’s paid off, kids are grown. You’re on your own.


You’ve got some fun distractions in the evening but what excites you  most is your recent foray into a secret passion you’ve been dreaming about which you seem to be delving into more and more.


What if you could do that for a living, you muse?


Maybe you’re investigating the possibility of new locales, more creative-friendly vistas.


You’re ready to put all the “time wasters” on hold,  get in shape and get serious about living your dream.


Does this sound anything like you?


* Could you use a quiet leader who listens to you with a calm demeanor?

* Someone who, though seeming reserved, thrives on independence herself and offers logical and creative observations?

* Someone who, like you, is an entrepreneurial visionary who would hold space for your dreams as well?

* Someone who identifies with your present situation, who understands that you’re ready to find your next move–in life, in business, in place–perhaps in all three?

* Someone who thinks along unconventional lines, outside the box, who tends to thwart traditional, one-size-fits-all logic?

* Someone who may be your secret weapon, your Movement Mentor waiting to accompany you on this creative adventure of dancing your new path?


If so…email jean @

Stop Musing.

Start Moving.

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