From Out of Whack To In Sync In Ten Easy Steps

I just got back from vacation in Mexico.  As much as I love a vaca it can, upon return, actually throw me out of whack!  What with the travel, layovers, time changes, different climate, different food…not that I’m complaining.  But, I get so shifted-down sometimes that it can take some ‘work’ to get from feeling out of whack to back in gear.

So, what’s the best way to get back in tune after a nice vacation break or, for that matter, an upheaval–of any kind?

Here are some tips.

#1.  Unpack as soon as possible.  The ritual of unpacking can actually help you to transition back into the ‘real world’.  Separate your dirty clothes and pop in a few loads of laundry.

#2.  If you have any leftover dollars/foreign currency, get to a bank or money exchange and turn your unused money into a savings jar or fund for future vacations!

#3.  If, on the other hand, you went over budget, try linking your financial accounts so that you only have to go to one place to see where you’re spending so that it never happens again!

#4.  Don’t beat yourself up too much if you DID go over budget.   After getting back on budget and  setting up some smart financial planning measures, you can reward yourself with some small–or even free–indulgences like a visit to the bakery for a sweet treat or going for a walk at your favorite botanic gardens. Get creative!

#5.  With the holidays soon approaching, you’ll be bombarded with so-called ‘deals’ for travel.  But for now, while the offers might seem tempting, unsubscribing to the sites crying out for you to spend money with them might be a better idea.

#6.  To help you get back ‘in balance’, try yoga.  Working on your physical balance, for instance doing ‘Tree Pose’ which requires you to stand on one leg, indeed helps with correcting your mental balance.  So, while you’re strengthening your body’s muscles you can be strengthening your mental fitness as well.

#7.  Set some new goals for yourself to help you jump back into the swing of things and look to your future.  While the overindulgence in the all-inclusive resort was pampering, now is the time to work off those extra pounds gained or the bloating that occured.

#8.  Or, perhaps you might want to focus on stepping up your career goals with a new approach to life/work.  Create a ‘painted picture’ of what you’d like your life to look like six months, one year or even five years from now. Glance at it one or two times daily to keep yourself focused on your new goals.

#9.  Go through your email and bookmark any interesting articles, blogposts, etc. you missed while away–especially those that point to your new, improved future–and make it a point to read one-a-day until you’re caught up!

#10.  Take a day and write everything down that you do.  ‘I took 20 minutes for breakfast, checked my email for ten minutes…, etc.’  See where you’re spending/wasting precious time and shift your priorities around to make more efficient use of it.  This can be a real eye-opener!

While your vacation was great for getting a reboot (assuming it didn’t include getting food poisoning or losing anything too valuable!) these tips will help your slightly out of whack self get back in sync in no time.

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