What do I have to be thankful for?  That’s a question that we can all ask ourselves, or should be asking ourselves every day if not several times a day, or as many times as you can remember.  And why? Because I truly believe that the more you show gratitude for the things that are showing up in your life the more those type of things you will get coming to you.

Of course I’m talking about the ‘good’ or positive things that are showing up in your life.  It’s not likely you’re going to give thanks for the ‘bad’ things showing up–the unwanted things, but then again, if you’re not encouraging the good ones and thanking the Universe, God or whatever higher power you believe in to move your way, then you’ll tend to get more of the bad, the negative and the ugly showing up for you.

It could be something as simple as someone saying to you…

“Wow, you look really pretty today”

Then after you personally thank that person you whisper or say quietly to yourself,

“Yes, thank you.  Keep more of that coming.  I want more of that, what he said, that feels good, bring more of that thing into my life.”  

It may sound silly to you at first, and you don’t have to make it too obvious, but that attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing.  Like attracts like. The more you give the more you receive.

It may be you’re walking on a sunny day, feeling the sun on your face and the warmth on your body.  It feels good.  You give thanks to the Sun-Gods (or your thoughtful mother who bought you that new peacoat) for keeping you warm and lifting your spirits on that particular day.

 “Oh thank-you, thank-you magnificent Sun for warming me up on this chilly, but sunny November day.”

So, yes it is November when we start getting into cooler days but we can be thankful for that special time of year which is also Thanksgiving Day.  A day when many of us, hopefully will see loved ones we’ve missed, friends, family, and share good food, good company which warms the cockles of the heart.

It’s easier to give thanks on those days when we share a bountiful harvest–maybe a little too bountiful for a lot of us–but just as we appreciate the warm food we eat on that day, the celebratory beverages we consume or the people we are thankful to see and spend time with, we need to remember this grateful feeling daily and keep it in our hearts year-round.

So…have you thanked anyone today?  Give thanks.  Grateful is good.

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