Great Expectations

So, the word of the day was ‘faith’.  And, admittedly, I was having a hard time ‘feeling the faith’–in just about anything.  Least of all myself.

And, when I went through the laundry list of things that I could have faith in that I was having a hard time believing in, it got worse and worse to the point that I was asking god or some higher power to give me something. ‘Just give me ONE thing to believe in right now!’  And, the answer/voice came back loud and clear–yourself Jean.  Just believe in yourself.

It’s all you.  You have it all–inside you.  The talent, the gifts, the wisdom, the power.  All the things you write about, i.e., like you are your 100%.  You, it’s you–YOU JEAN–it’s all in you.

Don’t worry about the things, the rewards, they come.  You must share your gifts.  The world needs you.  Don’t hide it all away.

So, I made up a new word. ‘Faithpectations’.  It’s like expectations except faith gets thrown in there for good measure.

What does it mean?

Expect miracles.  Expect goodness.  Expect the unexpected.  Whatever it is, it’s all good and great.  Have faith that — even if it doesn’t ‘fit in’ with your previously expected outcomes that maybe there’s a hidden seed inside that contains the germ for something better.

We all go through the fire.

And hit a wall.

Break it down.


Have faith even if you don’t have faith.

Have faith even if you don’t know what you’re supposed to have faith in.

Just say ‘I’m gonna have faith, confidence, whatever, regardless of whether I feel it or not.

Act…as if.

As if you already have those things you have no confidence you can have.

It’s just a game.  You play it with yourself.

There’s a saying about having faith as big as a mustard seed.  The mustard seed is small.  But it produces one of the largest herbs. There is this idea of the vitality of the grain of seed stretching forward to great results.

I like that.

My mom loved that saying (actually based on a bible verse) so much so that she went out and bought little jars of mustard seeds and passed them out to everybody–as a reminder.

She was cool like that.

Great Faithpectations.  Of better things to come.

Everyone can ‘muster’ a bit of faith at least the size of a mustard seed.

And then, the seed gets planted, and grows and grows and grows…

Plant some seeds.

Watch them grow.

Stretch forward to great results.

Have great faithpectations.

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