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S P R I N G   H A S   S P R U N G !!


AVON has some amazing skin care products. I’ve been playing with their Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System from their ANEW line as well as their Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream.

The Eye Lift Pro cream is a dual product (a gel for the brow bone area/a cream for underneath the eye/cheek area).

Both products showcase the latest in AVON’s advanced technology in skin care.

Both offer long lasting moisture protection (72 hours with the hand cream).

Both products are reasonably priced.


Use this link to get a free shipping on a $25.00 order. ( Use Code: SHIP25 )


2016-03-30 15.07.18

(Sorry, candle not for sale)

prod_1087010_xl prod_1094806_xl_2 prod_1094806_xlhttps://www.avon.com/product/42149/anew-clinical-eye-lift-pro-dual-eye-system


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