Head Case

I just got back from an awesome retreat with Marie Forleo along with many, intriguing and talented women—and one, very cool guy.

We learned so much.

So much that my head was swimming.

And, I was exhausted. But…in a good way. 🙂

Hence, the reason I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and not posting.

Did you miss me?

Hope so.

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you a little exercise to do for yourself when you’re sitting at your desk-or wherever, being too much in your head or feeling like your head is about to explode.

I find this exercise relaxing as well as energizing.

Here you go!


Sit in a comfortable position, on a cushion or firm chair/couch or even on the floor—preferably cross-legged. Back is straight. Arms relaxed, chest open and shoulders released back and down.

Jaw relaxed.

Start with a few deep breaths.

Now, with your head facing forward, slowly drop your head forward-chin to chest.

Raise it back to center.

Now, gently, release it backwards so that your face is towards the ceiling. Make sure you can still breath. Don’t crunch your spine. If you do you’ve gone too far.

Raise it back to center.

Now, look to the right. See what you see. Really.

Back to center.

Same thing to the left. Really see.

Back to center.

Now, tilt your head to the right so that your face is at a 45 degree angle but still facing straight forward. (You’ll feel a slight stretch on the left side of your neck down to your shoulder.) Use your right hand to gently increase the stretch if you like.

Back to center.

Do the same thing, but head to the left, with left hand pulling on the top of the head (optional).

Back to center.

From the original position of head facing forward, drop the chin to the chest as in the first move and slowly rotate the head clockwise. Try to feel all points of the circle as you pass through them.

Take your time.

Come back to center.

Repeat counter-clockwise.

You can do this a few more times.

End with a few shoulder rolls.

Do this whenever you’re feeling stressed or just need a break from intense tasks you’re performing or just to get back in your body for a bit.

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