Have you ever noticed that just by changing ONE thing that you are doing, it can change your whole outlook on life? Singing is like that.

The other day, I was walking on the trail. I had plans to listen to an audio file on my Ipod when the device suddenly jammed up on me. I so wanted to listen to this audio class-to get out of my head-which I had expressly loaded on to my Ipod to accompany me on my walk.

After fruitlessly trying repeatedly to un-jam it….and feeling frustrated (and worried) that I would have to listen to the negative thoughts pressing upon me that day, I just let go.

The walk can get boring after a while. Doing the same, flat route with the same sights it is easy to get caught up in feeling like my life is like that…doing the same things over and over and not really getting anywhere.

Then I remembered to SING. Singing is something for me, like dancing, that can completely take me out of myself. I thought of two of my favorite show tunes from A Chorus Line. ‘Nothing’ and ‘What I Did For Love’.

I started with ‘Nothing’. First, sing-speaking the lyrics to refresh my memory and warm up my voice–kind of like doing stretches before dancing. After all, like my singer/brother Scott says, ‘your singing voice is a muscle’.

I went through the verses, marking the words at first, then the next time, with a little more ‘voice’ then fuller and fuller until the final round–full out. I was on stage, singing my heart out to the deer, squirrels, owls, and any number of birds out there who cared to listen. Then I did the same thing with ‘What I Did For Love’.

I cannot tell you the difference in the way it made me feel. I was back to myself. My chest opened up, my facial muscles relaxed, my voice felt stronger, my posture was suddenly improved and my entire body was alive with energy.  And, I was out of my head and at peace with myself. It changed me.

Now, it’s your turn. What do you do, to bring about change, get yourself out of your head or a rut you are in? I could be something simple. Like, dancing to music, going for a run, listening to an inspiring talk, or singing. It can instantly change your mood. And, what’s great about it is that it is totally within your power.

I’d love to hear about your favorite ‘game-changing’ practices to help you turn your attitude around and get back to yourself. Tell me about it in the comments below.

What’s the ONE thing you can do today to create change in your day or your life?

{photo credit: Anthony Guerriera}

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