How To Be A Movement Emcee


Eminem comes on the box. “‘Till I Collapse.” Earlier, angrier Eminem. The tune is heavy and intense.  It fits.


We start off in a wide, bent-legged second position. The moves are deceptively simple and slow. It’s low. It allows us to stretch deeply. We stay in the deep second for the entire song.


As the song builds, our lower bodies remain static while our upper bodies make slow, going-crazy moves in a-controlled way. With arms gone wild, twisting and turning, elbows cinching the waist, rotating against it, Em’s music surges with us. The sequence culminates in wide, overhead, big-arc arms spiraling in full extension and full out energy.


It’s bold, it’s strong, it’s angry and it’s passionate. I feel like a warrior. And, at the same time, grounded.


The song ends. I’m drenched in sweet sweat from head-to-toe.


These are the words that I’m feeling during this class:








fully immersed



Are you experiencing this kind of emotion about the work that you do?? What do you do to get your move on? Your groove on? Letting the flow of energy bring the energy back your way?


Eminem. He gets you in the gut. Maybe you don’t like what he says, maybe you don’t like the music, or his rap, but even if you can’t “wrap” yourself around the words, you can’t deny the passion this MC feels for what he does.


Wouldn’t it be great to feel that kind of passion for what you do? How do you move your body so you can free your mind to move forward with your best work?


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