How To Handle Bad News In 20 Steps (Thoughts On)…















1) Take in the info.

2) Let is be absorbed into your body.

3) Feel where in your body it hits you.

4) Breathe.

5) Hear the whole story.

6) Take into account how the other person is feeling.

   (a) He or she had to be the bearer of bad news.

   (b) Commend them for coming forward.

7) Let them express their feelings.

8) Remain calm.

9) Keep breathing.

10) Wait until they’re done talking.

11) Let them fill in the details.

12) Detachedly, ask questions to fill in any gaps in info.

13) Wait for answers.

14) Calm the other person down. Reassure them.

15) Let them know that, “We will work it out”.

16) Let them know there’s a reason for everything and for everything a workable solution.

17) Get expert advice, if needed.

18) Work out a mutually agreed upon solution.

19) Follow through.

20) Realize that, in the overall scheme of things that it’s part of Life.

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