Do you ever wake up with a jolt, consumed with anxiety over something?

Does it tend to snowball, where you drag everything but the kitchen sink to the worry, attaching all the ‘what ifs’ to it like a bunch of sticky balls?


You’ve just entered the realm of ‘Worry Energy’.

Worry Energy (W.E.) is not a productive state of mind.  It’s like a mounting jumble of negatives that only builds on itself and leaves you dead-in- your-tracks with no energy left to do anything else.  It saps you of the Action Energy (A.E.) you need to be productive.

Luckily, It is not that difficult to change.  Here are some easy steps you can take to recognize this creativity hog and give it the old, heave ho!

MEDITATE:  Even a few moments of contemplation/meditation (preferably in the A.M. before you get your day in gear) can erase this little energy eater.

Try this: Take several deep breaths, in for seven, hold at the top for seven, exhale for seven powering that last exhale with a big, audible sigh.

You will immediately feel worry start to melt away which will lead you to the next step.

BE OPEN:  When you feel your worries begin to melt, you allow fresh ideas, feelings, possibilites to enter your psyche.  Don’t be surprised if you get a flash of inspiration right then (or soon afterward).

Worry Energy is good at stopping the ‘flow’ of new ideas coming to you.  Use meditation to open up the channels.  Also, throughout your day, take a break and do the above mentioned ‘minute meditation’ when you feel yourself stressing out and slipping back into ‘panic’ mode.
DON’T COMPARE:  It’s human.  But, it’s also destructive. We compare and judge ourselves against others who we think are better, younger, more attractive, more successful, yada, yada, yada.

It’s just another symptom of W.E. and it can do nothing but harm.  It’s a cliché, but focus on being the best you that you can be. You have something no one else has.  Work on your gifts. Then  share them.
PRIORITIZE:  Instead of allowing your mind to go into overwhelm, make a list of what’s really important to propel you forward.

Alternately,  do a 5 minute ‘free write’ and write down all the fears that may be holding you back.  ‘I’m not good enough, talented enough, young enough, etc.’

Now put a line through all the fears and place a big, bold ‘BS’ over it.  Pay attention to how your mind plays tricks on you and gives you bogus excuses that lead to self-sabotage.  (Awareness is the first step toward change for the better.)


DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU:  Usually, the thing that gnaws at you the most, the one thing that looms above you as your biggest fear, that thing you resist–is the thing you should be doing!

Makes moves:  Sign up for that writing course you’ve been meaning to take. Call/email the company you’ve been dying to do some work for.  Put it out there!

Pretty soon you will be able to recognize when you’re going into W.E. mode and, with some of these actionable steps, turn your anxious feelings from W.E. into A.E. and become the creative, productive person you are meant to be!

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