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We have a carriage house on our property. We call it a “barn” as it’s pretty dilapidated. But, it really was a carriage house at one time and held horses, and, I presume, carriages. Now it contains riding mowers, gardening tools, pots, outdoor furniture along with birds nests and bat guano on the upper floor. Yes, it has an upstairs.  And, bats.

The back of the carriage house, hidden from our view, doesn’t have any siding which we’ve tried to obscure by planting perenials, climbing roses and some scraggly looking pines. Inevitably, the weeds take over and it’s hard to keep them at bay.

But, I was looking at all the wild things growing there amidst the formally planted flowers earlier this evening and I decided that the wild ones actually look better against the decaying wood and tar paper on the barn’s backside.

It’s as if they know how to handle the situation, what looks best….what IS best for that scenario. It’s what’s most natural. Looks most natural.

Nature is taking over. If we let it, it would cover the barn with invasive vines and other species of all kinds, I’m sure.

But, maybe that isn’t so bad. Maybe, Nature does know better.

We’ve thought about tearing it down. The local Amish, I’m told, will come and dismantle the barn for its antique wood. They would recycle it. That’s cool.  We’d still need a home for the garden equipment, but something smaller would suffice and would probably be a real asset to the property.

Yet, I do love the look of the old barn. Even though the paint continues to peel off bit-by-bit. It has history–and character…like the wildflowers that wish to consume it.

But, maybe it’s time to let it go.

Maybe the wildflowers are trying to tell us something about our tight and tidy stuffiness–to let go more, with wild abandon…Just let it go.

It’s like they are saying…”Hang loose and let Nature be your guide.”

Let It All Hang Out.


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