Wanna know something? I had this weird experience once as a kid of hearing one of those disembodied voices say to me… ‘You are Madonna!’ And then, I met her–well, not the saint…the other famous one.

This is the story…

I had graduated from the University of Michigan Dance Department and left only to come back later to work on a friend’s Masters thesis. My friend had choreographed a solo for me and we were rehearsing it there. Her boyfriend shared an apartment with Madonna.

From the time I heard her name, not-so-nice words seemed to be associated with the future Material girl. Her ballet teacher/friend had been hired by the department and she had joined him there as a student. People would say‘Oh, Madonna, what a little brat, she’s so annoying, teacher’s pet…’ Now, don’t tell me they weren’t a little bit jealous…(Don't Tell Me)

Eventually, someone pointed her out and I would see her around the studios and once watched her perform a duet in a studio performance. During the concert for my friend’s Master’s thesis, I remember seeing Madonna out of the corner of my eye watching me from the wings.

Not long after that, my friend, her boyfriend and I stopped by his apartment. Madonna happened to be there with their other roommate and we were briefly introduced.

I was sitting in a chair of the sparsely furnished living room, a table in the corner with a record player on it and a few records scattered around it on the table.

Madonna came over to the record player, put on a copy of Motown’s Greatest Hits and the next thing I knew, she grabbed my hand, and without a word pulled me on to the living room dance floor.

It all happened so fast. It didn’t last long and I think I even cut it short and sat back down. Then the boyfriend, my friend and I left.

Pretty soon she left the dance department and moved to New York City. Coincidentally, right around the same time so did I.

In New York I started noticing her around the East Village neighborhood where I lived. Also in a few dance classes. Even though Madonna had impeccable ballet technique, she would act the clutz just to get attention.

From then on, she started getting less into dance/more into music and I no longer saw her in class. Instead I began seeing her on the street in her ripped jeans and bunches-of-bangle-bracelets that so many, young devotees would soon copy.

One time, my boyfriend/future husband and I ran into her in a restaurant. We said hello and she sat down with Steve (Stephen) Bray who wrote Into The Groove, among other hits. I knew who he was because my brother and he were both drummers from the Detroit area.

Madonna was wearing her aforementioned couture du jour and was standing up, preening and posing pretending to look at the menu on the wall. The noisy restaurant patrons were too busy to notice.

About a month later ‘Holiday’ dropped and she never had the luxury of not being noticed again.

A lot of things have been said about Madonna…she used those she knew to get ahead, she’s a fickle friend, on and on. Who knows what to believe. But Madonna was always nice to me.

Now…let’s dance!'Into The Groove'

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