My Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2012 or…What Were We Thinking?








It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Wait, no that’s from Dicken’s A Tale Of Two Cities.

Were we thinking about one of the most-well-known lines in literature?

Maybe some of us were, maybe some of weren’t.

But, if my top-5-read blog posts are any indication, the titles may give you some insight as to what we were thinking.

There were some good, some bad and perhaps even some ugly–if you consider the number of times a blog post was opened–times in this past year of this blog’s life.

We won’t go there.

But, (never start a sentence with “but” Jean) if you care to go take a look-see at some of the directions this blog traversed in the year 2012…

Read on, and enjoy.

It may not be great, English literature but perhaps you’ll get a great take-away or two.

2012 is gone, or about to be, and 2013 holds promise for some good- hopefully, even better-times.

Happy New Year!

Here they are in upside-down order.

I’ll start with Stuff Russell Says based on Do You by Russell Simmons, one of my favorite reads of the year with an important message regarding “change”:









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