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Dad and I in Georgetown, D.C.

Dad and I in Georgetown, D.C.

I wasted my whole life.

As he looks at me across the breakfast table, my dad makes this statement.  I already half know he feels this way as we’ve always been close. But, in this moment, with the saddest eyes that  I have ever seen, it’s almost unbearable.  I don’t want to hear this–it’s too painful.  I feel myself wanting to turn away.   Suddenly, I’m the parent now. To my 90 year old father. If only I could turn it all around for him.

But, I can’t turn it around. I make a vow. For I know, that if I don’t make a change I will be sitting in that chair across from my own daughter one day, regretting my life.

Where are you hiding? I did it for years, while my father’s eyes and his words haunted me. What lies to you tell yourself at night that keep you from dancing your own path to your own happiness? Your own success?  To more money? Or more clients?

As your coach, I can help you break through your  blocks, move past your fears to become the person you were meant to be.

With no regrets.

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