ONE THING THAT I LOVE~An Instagram Challenge


21lovesinjune copy

Do you love taking photos of things that you love?

Do you love Instagram? I do!

In fact, I’m over there quite a  bit these days!

Are you up for a challenge? Head on over to Instagram for the…

One Thing That I Love Instagram Challenge.

It works like this:

Beginning June 1, 2015 post one thing that you love for 21 days. (It can be anything!)

Take a photo and post it. Something that you love. Something that speaks to who you are.

Then, Say what it is and why you love it.

(I’ll be posting every day for 21 days too!)

**Use the hashtag: #21lovesinjune**

Have fun &…* Post Away!

See ya over on Instagram! (Look for the hashtag #21lovesinjune)

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