The following guest post is from personal trainer/massage therapist/blogger Nichole Kellerman. In this post Nichole details how she came to create her 3-step program,10 Day Body Reset.

(Full Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for this program.)  This is an awesome, 3-step program for anyone needing to get in shape fast! And, it works.  See the before/aft pics for yourself!


Okay- So this isn’t my proudest confession.  But the following story was a crucial learning experience and sharing it with you will give
you solid proof that when you don’t manage what is going on in your head, your body will

So listen up!

Although a personal trainer and health coach by profession I managed to totally let myself go and fell into a deep, dark health slump.
I felt horrible just thinking about putting on a bathing suit–to the point of feeling sick.
I couldn’t believe that I was no longer the “healthy & fit” trainer I used to be.
I was shocked, ashamed and felt like a total hypocrite!

I sat there trying to figure out how this even happened!  and Then IT HIT ME-
That damn S-word.  STRESS!

I had been so busy with…well, Life. I was letting the stress of it all debilitate me.

My body was screaming for healthy foods and
movement but I neglected THE most important thing in my life…MY BODY.

I know how HORRIBLE stress is for your health!
My father is the biggest stress case I know and I HATE IT!
It makes me so sad every time I see him in that state because I just sit there dying to hang out with “Awesome Dad” and instead I get “Grumpy Dad.”

Now I was turning into him…talk about a reality check!

I was ready to take all those negative emotions and turn them into FUEL!
I was on a mission to get my confident, healthy body back and start living the healthy lifestyle I preach to all of my clients.

I got right to work then and there and came up with a plan.

Here it is:  {3 step formula to get my healthy body back!}

Inside you’ll find exactly what I did.

I suggest you follow these guidelines if you are ever caught in a similar, shameful situation like I was.


1. Create a 10 day meal plan every day consisting of: a Big Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack and Dinner, including:

  •       lots of veggies & fruits
  •       whole grains, nuts, legumes
  •       lean meats

-and a few little indulgences sprinkled in (because being restrictive never works!)

2.  Create a 10 day work out plan that includes:

  •       Strength training
  •       High intensity cardio (you’ll  burn twice as many calories in half the time)
  •       Moderate intensity cardio
  •       Limited days off to really give your body a kickstart!

3.   For the next 10 days vouch to yourself that you will look in the mirror and say 1 thing that you love about your body (no matter how hard it is).


{The key to experiences like these is turning them into opportunities.
That day I felt horrible about putting on a bathing suit could have definitely turned ugly but I rolled up my sleeves and did
something about it and I invite you to do the same!}

If you would like to learn exactly how I put this 3-step formula to work in my own life, check out my 10 day program.

Don’t just think about putting this to action, ACTUALLY DO IT!

Write down that 3-step formula and get to work!

Now is YOUR time to take your personal power back! and do
something about it!


P.S. In the comments section below I would love to hear your thoughts on my story or if you have been caught in a similar situation and how you pulled yourself out of it.

Nichole Kellerman, is a certified personal trainer and massage
therapist and the creator of the {10 Day Body Reset Program}

Having struggled with her weight and self image in the past, she has now dedicated her life to showing women how to love their bodies and get that head-turning confidence!

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