How To Think Like A Fox In Five Easy Steps


Did you guys see this? It’s about foxes. Yes, they’re pretty smart creatures. They can home in on their food and catch it, even if it’s buried three feet under the snow. How they do it is a pretty interesting story. (*watch the video below)


It got me to thinking about how the very same principles used by the fox can be used by us people (entrepreneurs, creatives, etc.) to home in on success, and to help us not only sustain ourselves but thrive as well.



1) THEY REQUIRE COMPLETE QUIET.  Even the slightest distraction can throw them off from accomplishing their task (to get food in their belly!) While it might be easier-most of the time-for us to get food in our bellies, we can also become easily distracted from feeding our minds and souls with what’s really important to our life’s purpose. And, we need to get quiet to do just that.


2) THEY KNOW HOW TO HOME IN.  Homing In for a fox is very important for his or her survival.  Sometimes, for us, actually finding our target audience, for instance, can be a matter of trial and error, but the more we look for clues the easier it is to “home in” on our tribe.


3) THEY KNOW HOW TO PERSEVERE.  They know how to dive in–even before they’re ready.  (They don’t really have a choice–they have to eat!) So, for them it’s like Life and Death. It’s the same thing for entrepreneurs. What Passionate Entrepreneurs often say about what keeps them going? “Because I have no choice.” (Steven Pressfield-Do The Work)


4) THEY KNOW HOW TO ALIGN WITH TRUE NORTH.  If you watched the video, you know that if foxes are aligned with True North, they hit their target about 75% of the time.  Many times I have heard people say that only when they got “real”, got brave enough to be themselves, not until they were truly in “alignment” with their values and who they really were did they become successful. Otherwise, other people just don’t buy it.


5) THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT MAGNETIC FIELDS.  Foxes know how to use Earth’s Magnetic Field to secure their alignment with True North and their prey. All of those distractions, and messing around with trying to be somewhere else or someone we’re not don’t allow us to attract that thing or that person that we need in order to help us succeed.

Like the fox who keeps trying, Practice makes Perfect.  And, like a compass, paying attention to feelings and what truly resonates with you guides you to your goal.


Wanna learn how to plot your trajectory for success like a fox? Here’s how…

* Align with true north (with who we truly are)

* Connect with Earth’s magnetic field (use our inner compass)

* Listen carefully while blocking out all distractions (focus)

* Visualize the target in advance (find our tribe)…BINGO!!!

We can learn a lot from our Fox Brothers and Sisters. In fact, the odds are good that if we follow the fox’s five fantastic rules, that we will succeed in our mission. I hope you use that mission for good, and that you not only survive but thrive with passion in your business and your life!

               * (WATCH THE VIDEO)

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