Some Thoughts About Money

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Today, I’d like to talk about Money.

I’ve been reading

The Energy Of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

I have my own history about money–not always a positive one–and I’m working on changing that relationship.

Have you ever just held money in your hand? I’ve noticed some things…

A dollar ($) bill feels like:
*Old, parchment paper. Or, like a good watercolor paper–but the colors never fade–only become more subtle, softer with age.
*An important document.
*It has an elasticity to it.
*It’s malleable.
*Unlike credit cards, it’s feels more natural vs. fake plastic.
*You can kill it by burning it but there’s more where that came from.
*It has history. It will gain more history–become softer with the age of the stories it tells.
*Pluses & minuses. Gains & Losses.
*Used for good or used for evil. It survives it all.
*Can be washed and comes out intact.
*It breathes. Comes from the earth–it has energy to it. Respect should be shown.

Laurie Gerber of The Handel Group, in her article “You And Your Currencies” from, talks about how Time, Money, Food and Love are all types of currencies.

The currency of Money–as well as other forms of energy–deserve our respect.

Laurie Gerber:

Your money likes your attention! Please gratefully take the job of managing your own finances. When you take the reins, clean out the garbage thoughts, write out your dream and dare to say your magic numbers out loud, your mind will start to work in a new way and positive results will follow.”

Dr. Maria Nemeth:

“We are channels that move money and other forms of energy in the direction of our dreams so we can bring them to fruition.”


Did you ever catch yourself limiting your beliefs about how much money is available to come to you? We self impose these limits.

Laurie Gerber:

“Examine your limiting beliefs and theories about money, like prejudices you may have against “the wealthy” that may keep you from actually wanting wealth!”

Of course, Love is the one currency where you get more in return when you give it away.

Dr. Nemeth:

“We are all happiest when we are demonstrating in physical reality what we know to be true about ourselves, when we are giving form to our life’s intentions in a way that contributes to others.”

What are your thoughts about money? Does the word “Money” bring up certain emotions–negative or positive for you?

Do you care to share?

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