Do You is a book by Russell Simmons that came out a few years ago. The book’s basic premise is to be the most authentic version of yourself as possible.
Don’t copy.
Try to have your own ideas.
Be an original.
That’s it in a nutshell.

What I loved most about the book, though, is what he had to say on the subject of Vision. Here are some important points/quotes he made about that subject.  Definitely food for thought.

1) What is my Vision?

First of all, it helps to have a Vision. This requires sitting down and thinking about it. Write your vision down. Mine would read something like this:

 “My Vision is to be the designer of my own life while expressing myself through the creation of my art that, in turn, inspires others to be designers of their lives as well.”

Hopefully, you can summarize it in one sentence that is true for you.

2) Trends change. That’s why your Vision has to stay firm.

You’ve heard the saying, “What goes around comes around.” It can be true of trends as well. Trends change, get recycled, revamped, redone with a new twist, but you can always adapt it to your style…or your Vision.

You can incorporate a new trend into your Brand while making it still look like you. Your version of it. So, even if you make a new product or add a new skill or develop a new website, it still has the flavor of you…it has your signature.

3) “Your imagination is God itself.”

I love this one. If you believe you’re part of the Universe, which of course you are, then you also have to believe that the Universe it inside you as well. This is a hard concept to get your head around sometimes, but it only makes sense!

Every “creation” is made of atoms, including you, just in different concentrations. Creative Flow, God, The Universe, Life’s Energy–whatever you want to call that force–comes through you as inspiration. You can do, be or create anything you want. Hopefully you choose something that is good–as in God is Good–and share that with the world.

4) “Freeze” Your Vision.

Once you’ve established your Vision, freeze it in your mind. See it, envision it, and hold on to it. Don’t let naysayers tell you it’s not possible for you.


Believe in yourself.

No matter what, remember the “big picture” of your Vision. Even when you have setbacks, ups and downs–as long as you have your goal or your Vision frozen in your mind, you’ll get there.

5) “While some aspects of the Vision might change, your greater Vision shouldn’t.”

As you adapt to trends, to times, you may add, or take away bits of your Vision. It may expand way beyond what you originally thought, but it just means it’s a greater version of yourself.

You may start off in one direction, and completely change course, but it’s just a different route of getting where you want to be in the greater Vision for your life.

Change is good. Change can sometimes be hard, but also sometimes it’s necessary. As long as you stay true to you while holding on to your greater Vision, you’ll succeed at Doing You!

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