Ten Things To Know About Your Ten Fingers and Toes (and that other fifth element, the head)

We store a lot of tension in our extremeties.

What are our extremeties??

Namely, our feet, our hands and our head~like points in a star.

We go along through the day unaware that we are clenching our jaw, gripping our hands, tensing our toes.

Our extremeties are like a bellwether for what is happening in the rest of the body.

The good news is, that you can become more aware of these areas we hold tension.

And awareness is the beginning of Enlightenment, right?

The following are ten important things to know about the goings on in these extremities.

1) The five extremeties of the body can be thought of like a five pointed star. In fact, DaVinci believed that the workings of the body were analogous to those of the universe. See his Vitruvian Man.

2) Our strongest muscle in the body? Many believe it is our jaw.

The strongest muscle of the body is often clenched.

3) We store a lot of tension in the fleshy muscle at the base of our thumb. (Weird, right?) Massage that area of your palm with your opposite thumb and you’ll see what I mean.

4) Our feet support the entire weight of our body. We should take care of them. Yet, we pile undo strain in the form of excessive weight and poor posture upon our precious pads.

5) The length of man’s outstretched arms (our arm span) is equal to the height of his body (another DaVinci discovery).

6) We store a lot of tension in our earsour ears! (Do you think it might be because we are constantly trying to block the massive bombardment of sounds and stimuli from the outside?)

7) We store a lot of tension in our eyeballs~constantly straining forward to see. We are so visually oriented. How we look, how other people look, etc. Release eyeballs back into the sockets and practice seeing with our mind’s (third) eye.

8) Our brain is constantly pushing forward with strain. We think, we analyze… As our brains strain forward our necks follow exacerbating the tension and poor alignment of the spine. Allow the brain to fall back into the skull and think less, feel more.

9) We purse our lips like we’re trying to hold back all the words that want to spill out. The lines around our mouth radiating out are like clues about judgement of others/ourselves. There are actually concentric rings of muscles around the mouth. Think about relaxing that circle of muscles and releasing that tension.

10) Relaxing the extremeties~head,feet and hands~can actually be very useful in relaxing the entire body.

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