Ask and ye shall receive.

The more you give, the more you get.

There’s plenty more where that came from.**

You’ve probably heard these sayings, or at least one of them some time or another.

What do they mean?

Sometimes it’s just so hard for us to ask. Even when we know that people care about us, are willing to help and are probably anxious to give…

if we’d only ask for it.

We can’t expect each other to be mind readers and yet, we are hoping someone will just figure out what we need and pass it along.

Everyone is so inside their head that they have no idea what you or I want. Nor do we know what they want–unless they tell us.

Unless they ask for it.

Unless we ask for it.

When you were a little kid, you asked for stuff all the time, right?

It was easier then.

Maybe you parents didn’t always have the money or means for it, but it didn’t stop you from asking, did it?

And, if they could, they would try to help you out.

Maybe you were just asking for the favorite dish your mom cooked, or if dad would read you your favorite book, sing you your favorite song again.

They were usually more than happy to do it.

Your fans, your tribe, your people, friends, and, yes even family are more than happy to help give if you ask them.

But, they can’t read your mind.

You put your intention out into the universe, hoping that it will be answered.

But, is hoping enough?

Danielle LaPorte talks about ‘hope’ almost like it’s a dirty word.

She says…

“Maybe hoping is for sissies. And if that’s true, than intention and faith are for heroes.”

Maybe ‘giving up hope’ isn’t such a bad idea. Turning ‘hope‘ into ‘belief‘ is another matter.

Believing‘ that the thing you ask for will come to you creates a whole other vibe…

A whole other energy.

You’ve got big ideas.

Really believe in them–as if they’re already there…

in the present.

But, if everybody asks, will there be enough to go around?

**As above, so below.

Everything is everything.

Think about the Universe.

It’s vast. It’s enormous…it’s bigger than we can even imagine.

Do you think there’s enough out there for you?

For me?

If you think about your biggest dreams, desires from the past and then think about how some of those things came true, maybe not immediately, but if it was something you strongly believed in…

it’s probably already happened…

or is on it’s way.

Not because you hoped but because you asked for it.

You probably saw it in your head, clear as a bell like you could imagine it happening right now and picturing yourself there…

with all the sights and sounds to go with it.

In the present.

Alive and well.

I am here.

You are there.

Everything is everything.

As deep as the ocean. High as the sky.

Yeah, just ask.

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