The Importance of Silence and The 80/20 Rule

In his article, “Escape to the South Seas”, for Travel +Leisure’s October 2012 issue, Andrew McCarthy writes:

“…there’s a growing awareness that the more hyper-connected we are, the more we have to fight for any true connection. Personally, I find it increasingly difficult to hear myself think, or even to slow down enough to try–and the more I consult my iPhone, the more difficult that becomes. So I decided to check out.”

Hello quiet one.

Does a blank page give you pause, stop you in your tracks, even terrify you?
We’re so used to cluttering up our minds and our days with so much noise, monkey mind chatter (and even monkey music mind–ever get a song stuck in your head that won’t go away?.) Along with the constant bombardment of media in our lives it becomes, yes, hard to hear yourself think.

We’ve forgotten what it’s like to:

Relish Emptiness.  To sit in silence, to muse, to let ideas bubble and simmer in a quiet surrounding. It’s difficult to find a quiet place these days–whether the incessant noise is coming from the environment or our own head.

That’s why it’s so important to create:

White space.  In your life and throughout your day–whether you’re at your desk, in your car, out on the trail, or sitting in the lotus position.  Even if all you have is a few minutes a day to get quiet it is enough. If done consistently and on a regular basis, getting quiet will help you notice your innermost thoughts, yearnings, your true essence calling out to you, your loudest self, desires, needs, wants so that you can:

Get Loud.  So that you can discover your gifts, your strengths and share them with the world, and teach people what you know! Go talk about it, shout about it. Explore, create, play, get loud and in so doing:

Balance your introvert/extrovert self.

If you’re an introvert (like me, who likes a lot of alone time to allow thoughts to simmer and perk) learn to help other introverts recognize the strength that comes from being introverted i.e.,
you’re sensitive,
you can empathize,
alone time allows you to let ideas grow & take shape.


It’s like the 80/20 Rule.

If you’re an introvert, being yourself, or quiet  for eighty percent of the time can help you help other introverts learn how to express themselves, get loud, and get in touch with their bad, extrovert self the other twenty percent.

Or, conversely, if you’re an extrovert, learning how to get quiet, for twenty percent of your time can help you be more productive eighty percent of the time, over the long haul, not to mention each and every day.

What are you doing to silence your mind and let your ideas get loud?

Tell me about it…in the comments below.

Then check out how “checking out” can help you “check in” in a more productive and meaningful way.

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