The attention-grabbing headline caught my eye when I spied it on a new fashion website.  “Oh goodie, let me check this out!”

We’re always looking for the newest and latest thing–hoping to find something different or better as we so easily tire of the same-ole same-ole. Not that change isn’t good!  It’s not a bad idea to explore new horizons to get out of your comfort zone to help you grow.

But, having said that, it’s good to remember the tried and true or what I’ll call “Classic”.  The latest enticing-but-will-it-last hot thing?  I’ll call “Newbie”.

You know the adage…”Make new friends but keep the old.  One is Silver, the other Gold”?  Some people are more of a gold (classic) lover-some more silver (newbie) but one is not necessarily better than the other.  They both have their unique attributes.

Classic Gold is good for reminding us that you can’t beat old reliable.  The metal it’s made of has been tested.  The latest Silver phenomenon does not always have the tenacity to become a Classic Gold.

The Newbie is going to have to work hard to stay in the game, showing persistence while also remembering some basic, fundamentally sound (classic) formulas for longevity. On the other hand, Classic needs to be open to learning something new from Shiny Silver.

Newbies can learn from Classics in the following ways:

  • Experience
  • Making quality products
  • Listening to the client/customer
  • Being true to your brand
  • Giving content/information of value

And, Classics can learn a thing or two from Newbies:

  • How to stay fresh
  • Being open-minded- and not a know-it-all
  • Not being stuck in the past
  • Practicing Optimism
  • Taking Risks

The Internet allows both Classics and Newbies to learn from each other–for free. The World Wide Web give-and-take is a win/win for all concerned. Customers, readers, teachers, students, clients, peers, etc., are getting a priceless commodity in valuable, informative content in the online world gratis.

        “A person who has shown an ability to achieve over the long haul will invariably prove far more valuable over the long haul than the latest, greatest flash in the pan.” Basic Black by Cathie Black

Falling in love with the latest shiny trend is great, but remember that it will need the value of a reliable classic–or the potential to become one–to last.

On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to try something new now and then.  And, the payoff? The best of both worlds and a brand built for longevity to be appreciated world wide.





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