You know how you sometimes leave things half done or half undone, glass half-full or half-empty depending on how you look at it…in other words, unfinished? That’s what this post is about. Unfinished Business.

We all have some of that laying around somewhere.
Hummm….let me have a look, I know I have some of that around here somewhere.

Some of us have more than others. Half of us have more or less than others, and all of us, I guarantee you, have some kind of unfinished business laying around.

And, that’s not the half of it! As you can see, having or leaving…as it were… half baked things lying…or is it laying around? can get very messy.

And, confusing.

And, if your house is already messy-like mine is right now-then you’ve got piles of mess upon piles of mess.

Inside and outside of yourself.

Oooooooh, the clutter…can’t think with all that mess laying and lying about inside and outside of my head. It’s driving out of my mind!

Don’t lie! I’ll bet you’ve got at least one unfinished project, idea, book, knitting, bit of sewing, homework, application, forgive list (don’t ask)…well, it’s okay, you can ask…laying around your house.

(A forgive list: When you write a bunch of times that you forgive someone-yourself or someone else-for something that you/they did  so that you can be released to your higher self and move on.)

It’s like therapy for clearing out useless stuff cluttering up your brain that keeps you from moving forward with your life. Oh, I have one of those! It’s not finished yet. Moving on…

I have a few, more or less, probably more, a lot more, but-less-than-some of such half baked ideas lying around.

How can you move forward when you’re stuck-in-the-muck.

How do you get yourself unstuck from half-baked ideas or projects that aren’t serving you?


Like cleaning out a clothes closet, you have different piles for each piece of clothing you own depending on it’s relevance; you probably only wear 20% of them 80% of the time anyway. Any type of project or thing can be categorized in this same fashion(no pun intended):

 *1)  GOODWILL-You’ve no interest in it or you’ve outgrown it. (It may be better suited to somebody else- someone who can get some good out of it.)

 *2)  THROWAWAY-If it’s just too worn out. (It’s served its usefulness. Time to say good-bye.)

 *3)  STORAGE-It’s out of season and you plan on ‘getting back’ to it later. (What goes around comes around; you know you could use it somehow, just haven’t figured out how/where yet.)

*4)  KEEPERS-Your standbys, your classics, your tried and true useful pieces that benefit you and your style. (The ones that make you shine. These never wear out.)

When you feel you’ve got too much stuff cluttering up your closet, your mind, or your life It’s time to either give it the boot or organize and then prioritize those suckers!

They’re just excess baggage! I ask you, how can you move forward when you’re stuck in the muck and mired in the tired?

I guarantee you, you will feel so much lighter–and no longer half-filled but full-filled.

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