I was back on the trail today because, as you know, I like to ride my bike (

I was blissing out on the trail and at the beautiful day and I was feeling so good.

Then it hit me.

Why I do this.

It is both fun and I get to see beautiful stuff


because I HAVE to or I’d basically be a basket case and wouldn’t get ANYTHING ELSE done.  Ever.  Just ask my husband.

Then, it hit me again!

Oh, that’s it.

Whatever I do, for my vocation or my life’s work

has gotta feel like this!

Like Play.

Like I could do it all day long and I wouldn’t even know I was working.


In his new book, Do The Work, Steven Pressfield’s follow-up to the exceptional The War Of Art, he gives a test regarding creative quests and whether or not to pursue them.

The test consists of two questions:

How Bad Do You Want It?


Why Do You Want It?’.

He offers a list of possible answers.

For the first question, your answer better be

Totally Committed’.

And, for the second question it needs to be either

For Fun Or Beauty


Because I have no choice’.


So, I write.

It  is something where, although frustrating at times, can also feel sooooo good.

I’m in the zone, and writing away, and it’s just all pouring out of me and it is very much like play.


When I picked up that pencil in sixth grade and words began flowing out of me onto the page, and I thought it must be Evil the way it just poured out like that.

And, I stopped.

I put my pencil down, crumpled up the paper and tossed it in the trash can.

Well, I’m never doing THAT again!

But, it persisted.

That desire kept coming back.

It was possessed with me.

And, I guess, I with it.

But, it felt like a burden.  Like I had to do it–but not in a fun way.

Like it was a Chore.

Until finally one day I felt, maybe I could be good at this.

If I let myself, I could have a lot of fun with it and learn stuff about myself and share it with others and that would be Awesome!

So, I am now on this path.

Exercise…1) Because it’s fun and often pretty  .

and           2) Because I have to  √.

Writing…1) Because it’s mostly fun √.

and        2) Because I have to √.

Now, I want to get paid for these things…well, at least for the writing.

And, I’m not.


But, one day I will.

I know it.  I will persevere.

Because, like the exercise, I NEED this.  for my Heart.  And, for my Soul.

Of course, there’s other stuff to do too.  But, these are both for keeps.

Tell me, what is it that you feel you MUST do to truly LIVE.

Leave me a comment about it.


And, get the book, Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.(

It’s a small book.

With Big Ideas.

You can read it in an hour.

Or less.

I read it on a NY to Detroit flight.


(Photo: Vincent van Gogh, Man With Hoe)

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