The Weeds of Summer

10527583_10204203246062954_2529964229101594036_nI’ve been weeding a lot lately.


I prefer not to use chemicals, yet I’ve been amazed at how quickly some particularly aggressive species have been crowding out my carefully planted annuals and perennials.


Are you noticing the weeds in your garden more than the flowers?


Some “weeds” are quite beneficial. Dandelions, for example (now sold at Whole Foods in the produce section) contain calcium, iron, fiber, Vitamins A, E and K plus antioxidants of beta carotene and lutein–how’s that for a miraculous little weed! A little in your salad or sauteed is a tasty and good thing.


So…not all weeds are bad. But, what happens when you get an invasive green machine that isn’t so helpful?


Like negative thoughts, this invasion can take over and become a problem when they multiply.


Perhaps your yard is neatly manicured, rather than the organized chaos I prefer to have going on. I used to be that perfectionist person. Now I try to see the beauty in nature’s own, inherent design sense.


Nature, without trying too hard creates its own kind of perfect.


“…Observe how the lilies of the field grow, they do not toil nor do they spin.” Matthew 6:28


Right at this moment my garden is awash in lilies in hues of orange/red/yellow/peach (some of my favorite colors). This is their time to thrive!


Too many weeds, like too many negatives, can close off oxygen and prevent the light from getting in. Giving air and space can give positive energy–or thoughts, for that matter–room to breathe, move and thrive.


I pick at the weeds while not getting too picky about it.


Are you stifling your own growth? Weeds, like unproductive thoughts will most definitely take over if allowed to run rampant.


There will always be weeds, but if you’re noticing the weeds, how can you see the proverbial flowers?


What’s going on in the garden of your house as well as the garden of your mind?


I hope you’re enjoying all the glorious rainbow of colors this summer in the myriad majesty of Mother Nature’s blooming flowers–while appreciating the beauty of even some of it’s weeds.

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