I was born in the Year Of The Dragon.  People born in the Y.O.T.D. tend to be honest, sensitive and brave. I also have a lot of Mars in my House.  I am generally a peaceful person, but if I have to go to War, watch out!

Which should prepare me for battle, right?

Then, Why is change so hard?

I find my old self fighting with my new self constantly.

It’s a Battle.

Steven Pressfield talks about one’s resistance to change as the “Dragon” and that we are the “Knight” called to battle him.

The Knight must get up every morning and ‘slay the dragon’.

This ‘dragon’ never goes away; he’s always back the following morning.

But, if you don’t give up, you win.

You win the fight. You slay him once again and live to see another day.

You fight to the finish and don’t let the beast get the best of you.

(He’s not real.)  He’s imaginary.

But not like an imaginary friend.

He’s dangerous.
He wants to kill You.
The new you that you are birthing.

Can’t let him do that.

So, every morning, because he’ll be back, you must slay the dragon.

He’ll be knocking at your door tomorrow.
Don’t worry.
That’s for another day.
Today, you do your Work–your best work.
Make it better.

Breeze through it, slog through it, swear through it, glide through it, kick and scream through it, But…
Just get through it.

Don’t let the dragon get the best of YOU.

What’s the alternative?
You don’t even want to think about it.
Letting the dragon slay you?  Letting him win?  Then, it’s over.
Because you QUIT.

IT’S A HAIRY BATTLE, BABY.  (Or, a firey battle.)
Every Stinkin’ Day.

Is it worth it, you ask?
In a word, Yes.

Because you get to make a better you.
You get a new chance.
A chance to change the ‘old’ you that wasn’t working and bring in the new one.  A new, improved one.
Don’t let the old one win.

Doesn’t mean you have to change your personality.

Your personality is what makes you unique.
You just get to make it better, stronger.

Let more of it out.
Let it shine.
Work at it.
Every day.

So, you sucked today.  So what?  No one really cares.  Doesn’t matter.
And, pleasssssssse! Don’t compare.
You are you.  You are exactly where YOU are supposed to be.

Just do a little bit.
You don’t have to do the whole thing today.
Don’t worry about tomorrow.
He’ll be back.
All you have to worry about is today.
This moment.
You slayed that beast again and you get to live another day!

You’re in a tug of war for your Life, people!

But, he’s got fire for breath you say?
But you have a fire in your belly.
YOUR fire can whip his fire anytime.
Different kind of fire.

But every bit as powerful.

More powerful.

It’s your birthright.
Only You can be You.
Might as well be the best You You can be, right?

Slay The Dragon.

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