Things that make you go ‘O’, Oy Vey, OMG and Hummm….

I want to hearken back to a post of mine many months ago.

Why do I hearken?

Great news! My mentor and coach Marie Forleo will be appearing on Super Soul Sunday this coming Sunday, November 18th along with friends and fellow spiritual thinkers Mastin Kipp and Gabrielle Bernstein.

Oprah’s favorite show on her network, OWN, is Super Soul Sunday, and (so I’ve heard) is the inspiration behind starting her network.

This event is I’m sure like a coming-full-circle for Marie as, you’ll note in the comments under this post from back in May 2011, she’s one of Oprah’s biggest fans.

Please tune in for a show that I’m sure will be unforgettable.

And, congratulations Mama Marie for being the designer of your dreams and inspiring others to do the same!

Again, that link is here:



Here’s that post…

Ever notice that there is only one letter difference between the words ‘owe’ and ‘own’? Such a small difference, one letter, yet such a vast difference in meaning, right?? With one, you are a debtor, or you are indebted to something or someone. And, with the other you are on top of it, you are ‘one’ with it and–well–you own it baby!

It’s no wonder that the name of Oprah’s new network is called ‘OWN’.

Perfectly and serendipitously placed letters convey the meaning behind one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. Oprah ‘owns’ her audience–for her tv show, her books, magazines, charities and whatever else she wants to own. Her influence is unquestioned and the name of her upcoming network only exemplifies this.

Not that it didn’t take some doing for her to reach that position. Oprah is another one of those self-made people who started with N’O’thing and took that No Thing and built herself an Empire. Along with a lot of other people helping her along the way, I might add. She ‘owes’ those folks a debt of gratitude and I don’t think she’s forgotten those people.

Oprah ‘owed’ it before she ‘owned’ it and her persistance and perseverance turned that nagging ‘e’ in ‘owe’ to an ‘n’ for OWN. Only time and distance lie between that ‘w’ and the last letter–and time is certainly relative. Just ask Einstein. If he were alive today he’d probably be at the top of Ms. Winfrey’s guest list! Things that make you go ‘Oh-prah’…

I mean… you gotta admire the woman! That kind of success can be daunting–but also inspiring. Oprah has been in the news recently because of her efforts to mend fences with some people she may have dissed in the past.

This could make some people roll their eyes and cry, ‘Oh Vey’! Is she just doing this for publicity’s sake? Or, maybe it’s just knowing that you are never too big to ‘own’ up to your past transgressions or unintentional slights. Be the bigger person, in stature and heart. (That’s not to say that it is also a brilliant PR move–and Oprah ‘owns’ that arena too!)

I mean, practically EVERYTHING Oprah does causes an OMG reaction–and she has planned it that way. She WOWS her tribe every time!

You’ve seen these OMG moments if you’ve ever caught any one of her shows. Just witness the adoration in the eyes of her people. They view her as their mentor, and rightly so.

So, what’s lying between your state of ‘owe’ and ‘own’?? ‘W’hat are you ‘W’aiting for?? Where do you really want to be at the N’d??

Can you see your desired End Result and reverse engineer it? By starting at the End and backtracking to see how to get there?

Do like Oprah and be your Own Life’s Designer. Then, just maybe you’ll be that someone who makes even ‘O’ go ‘hummmm’.

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