I do a lot of deep relaxation.

And, when I feel an emotion-especially a negative one, I ask myself, ‘Where do I feel this emotion?’

Often I feel it in my chest (tight),

my stomach (aches/upset),

my jaw,(clenched),

my arms and my hands,

Even in my toes.

I can feel it in my brain, too.

Often I can feel one side of my brain more than the other.

It feels locked-literally. Usually it’s the left and so sometimes I try to be more aware of my right brain, feel my right brain more. And, my frontal lobes which I often feel are straining forward.


I try to feel the space between the hemispheres and I try to be aware of the energy passing back and forth between the right and left ones. And I try to let my front brain lobes fall back.

This creates a lightness.

So, this thought occurred to me: The brain is like the watchtower to the body.

When you think with your brain, it’s like you’re watching, analyzing and judging.

When you think from your gut,

or your heart

it’s like coming from the earth’s core—

The nitty gritty.

And you will always find the right answer coming from the nitty gritty,

i.e., your true feelings.

So, I think of breathing

Opening the bloodflow (the veins/arteries/nerves),

Opening the pores,

The eyes

The ears

Feeling the toxins exiting through all available openings and getting all the waste out-one way or another.

Clearing the ‘earth crust’-

my skin I’m in.

So, as this ‘stuff’ starts to flow, to open, it makes more room for new stuff—the positive stuff.

Opening rather than closing,

Getting rid to let more in,

Unlocking and opening and letting in the light.

I guess it’s about being more in the body and less in the head.

Thinking from the gut and from the heart instead of the watchtower-judging brain.

It’s a good guide.

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