What Everyone Should Know About Starting Before You’re Ready

(This post in inspired by EvBogue-The 15 Minute Blog Post.)

PerfectionismEveryone thinks (myself included) that things have to be ‘perfect’ before you begin. But there’s no such-a-thing as perfect; it’s an illusion. I think it’s just another sign of fear of failure. The only way to get ‘perfect’~ better known as better ~ is to just start and keep going.

You know More Than You Think-All of your experiences, learning, trials and errors, imperfectionism, jobs, careers, travels, family ties–all have taught you certain things. You’ve gained knowledge, maybe even wisdom in traditional–and maybe not so traditional ways. It all adds up to your body of information that can help someone who hasn’t been where you’ve been or done what you’ve done. And, there’s something to learn from that. Teach it.

You Have A Unique Voice-This all gets back to this idea of family ties. All of the things you’ve learned-and tried to unlearn-the people you’ve known and how you were raised make you stand out. You’re different. There’s only one you. That is so cool. Think about it. You matter. I matter. You can try to fit in and be like everyone else. But that gets pretty boring pretty quick. Stand out. Then stand up and be heard.

Practice Makes Perfect-As you know I like to ride my bike. Practicing anything makes you better. Putting pen to paper consistently, or riding a bike, or doing anything can’t help but make a better you that lets your unique voice out.

I was listening to an interview with the actor Jesse Eisenberg talk about his experience working with the director David Fincher on the film, The Social Network.  Fincher would do so many takes for each scene that Jesse was worn out.  Yet by the last take,  he was finally relaxed enough to just ‘be’ the character which was usually the one that ended up on the film.

So, just be. Be you. As you are now. Do the work. Start before you’re ready.

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