What If Everything Was Easy?

It's never too late-green sunburstWhat if everything was easy?


If you allowed yourself to listen. To slow it down, slow it way down. And you started NOW. Right where you are.


Nothing else mattered but the present. Just be. You allowed yourself to love yourself. To have peace with yourself and with everything else. And, for the sake of sounding too woo-woo…




Maybe just for a moment. And then, another moment.


Once you did this, you could call up that feeling at times when things didn’t feel so One. Or when they felt Off. Maybe Way Off.


You could pull it back, pull back that feeling of One. Make it easy.  Remembering the feeling. Making it a sense memory, in your body, your muscles, your bones, in every part of you.


Not hard. EASY.


Ask the question: What If Everything Was Easy?


Allow yourself to think it, feel it, in that deep down way I mentioned.


Then see where it takes you.


Even if you’re not feeling so “Easy”, by asking the question, you can start to imagine

the possibility.




How would you approach things differently?

How would you approach…your day, for instance?

Or, just the next hour?

The next ten minutes?

The next minute?


You can start your day over again. And again. Even when you feel Off.

Come back to that moment and the Question.




Stop struggling. Start pulling Easy toward you.

See if it helps.

Let me know what happens for you.




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