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 Do you believe in The Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The idea that your success in business and life comes basically from putting your intention out into the Universe and waiting for the “luck” you make to make its way back to you?

Is success a mindset? Synchronicity? Being in the right place at the right time?

Or, do you believe more in the idea that your success in biz/life is more about working your butt off and laying out a very detailed, strategic plan of action?

Or….is it a combination of both?

For some insight into what makes for a successful mindset equation, I asked a number of my entrepreneurial sisters and brothers to share their opinions. Here’s what some of them had to say…

Lori Hamann: Lorihamann.com

“…I’m an intention/energy/LOA lover — and in my opinion you have to align your inner world, energy + mindset FIRST..from there — you will synchronistically create the opportunity, the strategy, the info you need to get to where you want to go…”

Julie Parker: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=13377396&locale=en_US&trk=tyah2&trkInfo=tas%3Ajulie%20parker%2Cidx%3A3-2-4

“I absolutely believe in LOA + the mindset that comes with it but for me I attribute the majority of my business success to serious hard work + strategy. Im truly not sure (for me at least) how I would be where I am without those things.”

Julie Hyne: https://www.facebook.com/juliehyneimagestylist

“Definitely a lot of hard work, strategy and Universal help when it comes your way.”

Ephraim Mallery:  https://www.facebook.com/ModernHedonist

“It really does seem like it has to be both – but what I’ve observed is that when you are immersed in the mindset strategy and work becomes more focused more opportunities emerge, and it is more clear where you should put your energies – including in your self-care and entertainment.

Sue Ann Gleason: http://www.chocolateforbreakfast.com/

“I think this is a very interesting question and yes, I see both. I “work” my business 24/7 AND I’ve received some nice little surprise perks along the way. I would really love to know how many ➣people achieve a 10-hour work week!…the payback is I love what I do and I’m working for myself!”

Katya Barry: http://www.katyabarry.com/

“I believe hard work is key to any success. An olympic medalist doesn’t just hope they’d win, so no good doctor becomes good without hours of studying and practice. Same applies to success in entrepreneurship. However, hard work does not mean long or stupid hours but more, as you have correctly pointed out, strategic planning.”

Elizabeth MacLeod: http://www.wildwomanenchanted.com/

“I think it’s both …and… also i think implementation of what you learn is key. It’s like saying you want to win the lottery and god keeps saying… buy a ticket!!! So if you don’t apply the organic intention from the universe and if you don’t implement the strategic plans you have… what good is either really. The key is YOU. Information in, work hard. .. and you put it out there to be received…at least that’s what I’m zoned in on these days !!”

Hillary Rubin: http://www.hillaryrubin.com/

“Both. There are times it’s more focus kick butt, then times it is lean back and be with it. For me working for myself, doing my art aka my biz and changing lives is worth it. AND I am not in it to work for anyone.”

Amanda Houchin Howell: http://www.amandasuehowell.com/

“ I had a great coaching call today, and we focused in on clarifying some of my points on my site. Clarity is precious. So I’d say it’s both! If you’re not coming from a place of positivity & passion, your energy will tell others that you’re just not digging what you do. But you’ve also gotta get out there and do what Tim Gunn says…”Make it work!”


Here’s what I’ve observed for myself…

I definitely think it starts with the mind.

“Thoughts become things.” The Universe

Yeah, I believe that.

The first leads you to the people/things you need — or leads them to you!

But, there has to be a clarity of thought.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” (Buddhist proverb)

Yeah, I believe that too.

In fact, the clearer you are about that “intention”, the people and things that can best accommodate the intention will appear. And, the faster they will appear.

(I’ve heard the Universe likes speed.)

 Soooooo, I try to remember the following:

* Clarity

* Simplicity

* Risk

* Action

* *Sense of play


(**That last one? A good clue is that if you lose sense of time when you’re doing your “work”, and it feels more like fun than work, that could make for an awesome calling.)

So, whether you’re more yin than yang, more right brained than left, there is a way to find your way AND in a way that makes sense to you to achieve success in life and business. Or, as someone famous once said,

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

What do you think? I’ll bet you have some juicy thoughts of your own.

Leave me a comment below.

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